April 27, 2012

Tip toe through the tulips!

Our little patch of the Netherlands is popping with color. I may not be able to enjoy all the beautiful sights and smells of the tulip fields in Holland but I can enjoy ours here at the White house. Last fall Alex and Yvonne brought us tulip bulbs straight from their country. We got them planted and look what we have for the first time. Tulips, and lots of them.
These are a small petite tulip and red in color.

This is a white with pink edges. And it's beautiful.
And I see today we have a dark plum color popping up. I can't wait to see it all in bloom. Thanks to two special people for making our place look like yours, kind of. We will think of you every year when our little garden is blooming.

Go Jazz!

April 4th we had the opportunity to attend the Jazz vs. Suns basketball game. We haven't been to one of these games for a very long time and I mean years when I say a long time. Stuart had gotten four tickets through the Ducks Unlimited dinner we attended earlier in March. Wow, what great seats they turned out to be. Included with the tickets was dinner before and refreshments at half time in the 100 Club. Pretty fancy schmansy! We took Jacob and Angie with us. What a great time we had. We were celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary as well. What a great gift. The dinner was buffet style and boy did they have great choices. The shrimp was my favorite.

Look just how close to the playing floor we were. Third row, center court. The players are huge when you see them this close up.
Tip off, let's go Jazz!
Everything from popcorn to cupcakes and even ice cream was offered to us during half time. A person could really get used to these seats I'm telling ya. Thanks goes to the generous person for donating them. We were certainly spoiled for the night.
The Jazz Bear really knows how to entertain the crowd. He sure does some wild and crazy acts.
On a side note, we lost by one point in this game. Darn it, guess we didn't cheer loud enough for our Jazz, but they did beat the Suns this week for a spot in the finals. Way to go team Jazz!

April 18, 2012

Join me at the Quilt Walk!

June is just around the corner and that means it's time for the annual Quilt Walk in Panguitch, Utah. This three day event is full of classes, trunk shows, open sews and even a chocolate festival, which is held the night of the opening. The classes they are offering this year are bountiful. Something for every sewer ranging from beginners to advanced. And by the way the teachers aren't to shabby either! Mark June 7-9 on your calendar and come join in on the fun. The deadline for signing up for your classes is approaching way to quickly. You need to do it by May 6th. So don't delay any longer, come sew with us! The classes I am teaching are shown below in no particular order. Go to the Quilt Walk website to see these and all the other fun classes being offered. Hope to see you there.
The Snap Happy bag and wrist pin cushion. Pattern $8.00 and basic kit for the pin cushion is $2.00. 3 fat quarters is all you need to make both. This should be a really fun and simple class.
Don't know what to do with all the jelly rolls or your 2 1/2" wide strips piling up in the corner? Come join in on the Jelly Roll 1600. You will be amazed at just how fun and fast this quilt is. Who knows it just might be a race!
Let's Skip around the Block. A fun twist on a basic block. A 8" square ruler and a stash of your favorite fat quarters is what you need to make this, yes another fast quilt. You should know by now I like the fast one's.
It's a "Charm"-ing Day to make a quilt like this! This would be really cute out of all those scraps hanging out of your sewing baskets or use 72 charm squares from your favorite fabric line. Yup, another one that can be done in a day. Raw edge applique finishes off your curved seams. See anything you like so far? I hope so because I want to see you at the Quilt Walk. Contact me if you have any questions or if you just want to talk about all the going on's down there.

April 17, 2012

OMG. . . A bag!

It has been a long time since I have showed off a bag. This bag is called Pockets a Plenty and it is a Whistlepig Creek Productions. I like doing their bag because they have easy cutting instructions and step by step sewing notes.I chose fabrics from Sandi Henderson's line Secret Garden. I saw the whole line in Houston and then I was hooked on it. It took the shops a little time to get it but the wait was well worth it.
The colors are so bright and fun and don't you just love the giant buttons on the pockets.
If I was going to rate this bag on a sewing level. I would place it from beginner to advanced. Would this be a bag any of you are interested in doing a class? Give me some feed back.

My traveling treasures!

I really did get some neat stuff in Amsterdam, Prita Prins Treasures of Holland Book. The quilts in there are stunning. I bought a fat quarter bundle of the reproduction antique prints and some yardage to go with. But I had wished after I got home that I should of bought the stripes and plaids too. I think I will make a smaller wall hanging for the front room. When we visited the Anne Frank house we stopped in and bought her book. It's quite something to read. It breaks you heart just thinking of all those innocent people and the things they did to stay alive.My purchase from De Sampler was half yard of some diawabo's that I can add to my pile.
Let's see what kind of damage I did at De Hoveun was it small? I bought a couple of fat quarters, which by the way they are $4.50 a piece. I told you things were really expensive there. A spool of ribbon and you can't see them but I got the cutest sewing related silver charms. Might be a bracelet or use them on the needle keeper of the pattern I bought. The packaged fat quarters tied up with the pink wooden shoes was a gift from Rennie. She kind of spoiled me.
Our delf blue collection for right now consists of a plate, candle holder, my thimble and the kissing dutch pair.
Wooden shoes and the little dutch girl and the lovely pin cushion Martine gave to me as a gift. All hand appliqued and stitched.
My new candy dish. Placed right at the top of the stairs so guests can help them selves.
A few more trinkets to show. We collected a few books along the way so we could get it all down before our next trip! Mugs and cookies from Dove and Jon. A little pin cushion from Carina from the bloggers bee and fabric covered notebook from Hilde. And the picture in the back ground is of three dummies dressed like authentic dutch people. We had a ball doing this, we laughed and laughed about it the rest of the afternoon.
There is a handkerchief will all the towns printed on it. A present last year from Hilde. The snap bag was made by Rennie and the group picture is from Dove. What awesome friends we have come to know and love. Always so generous and kind. Thank you everyone for spoiling us with such nice gifts.

My scarf. . .

Made by Diana, because I don't know how to knit and she does and was so willing to make it for me. She's the best isn't she?And just knowing she would do it for me I brought a skein just like it back to her. This is the yarn I picked up in the wool shop in Amsterdam. Isn't it pretty. I thought I better get it posted before our winter weather is completely gone. It didn't really look the best with my work shirt and apron but we just had to get a picture together showing off her beautiful work. How far into spring can you wear something like this? Or can you wear it all year round. I'm not a fashioner, I'm a quilter!
Thank you, thank you Diana. When I learn to knit I will be sure to put you on my scarf list! lol Diana I love you and everything you do for the shop. Your the glue that holds us all together. And she's leaving for a trip to Pennslvanyia to check on the Amish people, the quilt shops and candy shops oh and the bakery in Bird in Hand. Have a wonderful time and don't spend all your money in one shop. What will we do without you next week?

April 16, 2012

Something Useful! Fork Pins

This is a sewing blog isn't it? Well it's about time I get back to blogging about it I suppose. I have wanted to share one of my favorite quilting notions with you for awhile now. I love these Clover Fork Pins for connecting corner seams when sewing blocks and rows together. They are so important in my quilting that they have their own little pin cushion. Spoiled pins!
You position them on each side of the butterflied seam. I leave them there and take them out just as I get to the intersection.
Perfect square, and if you pick out a couple of stitches it lies really flat when you are pressing your block so you don't have the bulk. Are there some of you that know about this helpful hint?
Practically perfect in every way. If you haven't used these pins before I highly recommend them. I mention these at every quilt class I teach. And there is always a great demand for them after class at the shop.
Clover Fork Pins, you gotta get ya some.

April 8, 2012

Headed Home, Feb. 6, 2012

It's early, our bags are packed, were ready to go. Not ready, but we have to, darn it! We have enjoyed our visit here in the Netherlands 100%. Guaranteed we will be traveling back to this beautiful country.
Yvonne picked us up at the condo early Monday morning. The drive to Amsterdam was kind of solemn but the scenery was so pretty that early in the morning. I think we all knew what was to come.
The sun was just starting to come up for the day.
The sun reflecting off the snow covered fields and homes gave us a feeling of comfort.
Now the hustle and bustle of the airport and the long travel day ahead of us.
The moment had come for us to say our good byes, the tears are starting to come just typing about it. Why is this so hard to do? Maybe it's because of all the love and friendships we have in the Netherlands.

Didn't want the tears to show so I shut my eyes! Now I'm regretting it, look how cute this picture is of the both of us.
On our way to the states. Our plane ride today would be approximately 14 hours. Is there food involved?
Look we are going to be chasing the sun all the way home.
Look we have lunch! Not bad for airline food.
Our flight wasn't full so we would have all three seats to ourselves. Not to cozy but great for sleeping.
What beautiful skies we have for flying.
I had been saving one of my souvenirs I bought in Amsterdam for my flight home. I read and drooled over the lovely antique quilts by Prita Prins.
Well obviously I wasn't very excited about being in America because I didn't take any pictures of Washington DC and it was dark in Salt Lake. We came right home and went to sleep and tried to get over the jet lag for the next few days. Should I say it wasn't days, it was months! Two to be exact!
When should we start planning our return?