March 6, 2013

"SEW" out of my Element!

Today I am working on a special project and for this special something I need 8 tiny 9 patch blocks.  Now to some of you this isn't tiny.  But for me this is "SEW" out of my element.  I usually like bigger piecing.  But thanks to my Clover Fork Pins the result of my first block is gorgeous!  Love, love, love
these pins.  Have you all got some of these in your notions drawer?   If not ya gotta get ya some!
 Just look at those perfect intersections would ya.  One down 7 more to go, I should have these done in no time.  Wish me luck! 
What are you all working on today?


Rennie said...

How cute those fabrics. What are you going to make out of it. i'am so curious.

Yvonne said...

It looks like practice makes perfect Shannon. It looks great and I love the cute fabric you are using. I think Rennie and I will have to shop for those fabulous pins.

carina said...

Nice shannon what im doing now eehhh... After the party by Ren. It was so nice i have seen the way they are going to travel in america greeeeeaaaaat . And now im working on mine Red Home and blue bird berry. A nice weekend besos carina