March 4, 2013

Winter Bindings!

Last fall when I was digging through my junky fabric closet I found these four quilts that hadn't been quilted yet.  I had them quilted, put the bindings on all of them and waited for winter to get here so I could bind them on cold evenings.  Guess how many I have done?  ONE! The one folded right there in the front. I had it done right after the quilting so I could use it as a baby gift, but the others are still waiting to be stitched. 
So I wonder what happened to the cold winter evenings of stitching.  I guess they have been replaced with just sitting under a warm quilt watching television or sitting at the sewing machine making new ones!!  I'm not worried, with time they will get done.  It's all about time, right?


Yvonne said...

It sure is about time Shannon! Those quilts are to beautiful not to be used. Maybe Rennie and I can give you a hand and get the work done.

Rennie said...

Yeh great idea. Let's quilt or make bindings together at your home!