March 25, 2013

Some lovin for Baby Kord!

In just about 20 days we will be grandparents of 6.  Our son, Jacob and his wife, Angie are going to be first time parents.  We couldn't be more happy for them.  And of course this Grandma had to have a couple of quilts finished by the time he made his debut. What little boy doesn't need trucks, cars and things that go.  The first one is a mish mash of different fabrics pulled from the stash. The focus fabric was bought while at market after I had just gotten the news they were having a boy.  I used a gray for the background.  The pattern was also purchased while in Houston.  It's an all boy quilt that's for sure.
 A binding shot, because of course it's my favorite on a quilt.  Especially because it's striped and on the bias.
 The second, a fun vintage western quilt.  All of these fabrics have been in the stash closet just waiting for the perfect little cowboy.  With the fabrics I used some chenille trim that I sewed down to look like a lasso.  After it was washed and dried it frays out.  A really fun accent to any quilt and it comes in all sorts of colors.  This was a design of my own because I couldn't find the right pattern for the trim.

And there's that striped bias binding again. What is it about them that makes me happy?

Here's a cute picture of the happy parents.  We are excited to have baby Kord join the White house family.  Our first grandson to carry on the White name.  More to come on this happy event.

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Phyllis said...

Such fun and sweet quilts, love that binding! I am sure the new member of the White family will be very comfortable in them.