June 12, 2009

Binding Together!

Tuesday night Myself and my Simply Sewing girls got together for a lesson on binding quilts. There were only 4 there that night, either the others didn't get their quilts quilted in time or they already know how to bind. We still had lots of laughs through the night. Don't let a small number like that scare the fun away! This is Angela, she has been with me since the beginning of this whole adventure. She has not missed one of my classes yet, so I surprised her with a little basket of goodies for sticking with me for so long. In the basket were things like, pins, gum, sticky notes and a magnet. Thanks Angela for helping me get this class off the ground. Look how we have grown.
Shanna is another faithful class member, bless her heart she said she already knew how to bind but wanted to come to see if I had anything helpful that she could use. I hope I met up to her expectations.
My sister-in law Pam had made her quilt at our Simply Sewing Saturday so she came to get the lesson on binding. Her quilt turned out just adorable. Little Sam will love snuggling with this new blanket. Chelsey had her quilt already to come that night but is having some problems with early labor, the Dr. has put her on bed rest for a couple of weeks to see if this won't help. I stopped by and got her quilt to sew the binding on, she will be able to hand bind it in all her spare time. We wish you well Chelsey.
Angela just had to try out my machine, the walking foot really helps when your sewing with minkee. She didn't know if she wanted to attempt it with her machine. The others told her not to get to hooked on my machine. They told her she wouldn't want to go back to sewing on her machine. Let's see if we can sell her a Bernina too!
Erin and her trusty machine, it did a wonderful job on the minkie. She finished up her quilt with very few problems. Way to go Erin.
This is my little bundle of quilts I took to demonstrate on, now I have some of the unfinished quilts ready to pick up to take camping with me. You know me, I always have to have something in my hands to work on. What a great accomplishment for these ladies that have never made a quilt. I'm so proud of all of them. Have I mentioned lately I love this little job too!


taylor&dondy said...

I wish I could have made it to class!! I had something urgent come up that night. Hopefully I can get a personal lesson from the master before I bind my next quilt. Thanks again Shannon for all you do for us. Your class is so much fun! Dondy

Sboyack said...

Yes I learned some great little tips. Thanks again Shannon for offering these fun classes for us. A great night out once a month.