June 1, 2009

Just Hanging Around!

Jacob has been suffering with his back where he broke it about 8 years ago. It's pinching a nerve and he's having a hard time walking, with numbness in his leg and foot. His dad invested in the newest and coolest gadget called a Teeter Hang Up. It hangs you upside down to take the weight off your back and is suppose to help with realigning it. Jacob set it up for us on Saturday night, so guess what? Your right! We all had to try it out, even the kids. Here we all are hanging out! And no these pictures are not upside down, we are! The weakest link!(Jacob)
And this would be Kira just hanging down.

Karas just checking me out, just the right height for a big hug!
Look how red my face is, all my blood went right to it. I was laughing so hard Thayne thought I had totally lost my mind hanging upside down.
Now Hatch's turn, Uncle Jacob getting him ready for the big hang!
Someone tickle that cute little belly!

Look at me, look at me. Karas didn't know what to think at first, but after we got her upside down she just kept laughing and we had a hard time getting her out she liked it so much.

How about that for cheap entertainment. Feel free to stop by and hang out (or up) whichever you feel happy doing. Hope to see you soon!


Angie said...

Haha that thing IS pretty fun! The first time Jacob got me into it, I wasn't sure I wanted to tip all the way back, but he said to just do it =] I always ask Jacob, "Did you hang yourself today?" or say, "You should probably go hang yourself." lol he always gives me a funny look, but knows what I am meaning lol I hope it helps him

Shortcake and Company said...

Okay...that is funny. What a hoot! But, I hope it helps.