June 11, 2009

Sleep Out!

Thursday night we had a special little guest stay the night. My kids did this all the time when they were little, so why not start Hatch on it. We called this a sleep out, not a sleep over. The kids would get the bed rolls out and watch a movie and sleep out in the family room. Uncle Jacob slept out with Hatch and they watched a movie. Let's see if you can get the movie right they were watching. Can you tell from just the pictures that are on the t.v. screen? It's a really cute and funny movie that involves a mischievious kid!

Jacob had found this hard hat when he was cleaning out his closet, so now it's Hatch's. Watch out for the foreman!

"I can't get out, I'm not even wrinkled yet". If you haven't guessed the movie yet it was Dennis the Mennace. Hatch loved it, he had never seen it before and he was laughing all the way through it. While Hatch and Jacob were watching the movie I couldn't help but think of all the fun things the kids used to do down here in front of this old television that keeps on working. One of these days we'll be up to speed with the new technology stuff, but for now this old baby works like a charm.

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