June 11, 2009


What else would a girl want, but to maybe add a lot of fun with it! Over the weekend Kaitlyn, Kira, Myself, Karas and McKinley headed for St. George for a bit of fun. Of course there was shopping, sewing and snacking involved. My shopping buddies, start while their young right? We stopped first and had lunch at yummy Cafe Rio and then we set off to Ben Franklin to check out the fabric selection. Did you know they have a clothing section, and some really cute stuff at that. They have you come through a different door now and it takes you right into the clothing.

Kaitlyn was on a mission to find the perfect black dress for a friend's wedding this weekend. She found it in Ben Franklin and it didn't cost her an arm and leg. Look how cute she looks in it. Mission accomplished on the first try. It was going to be a good weekend of shopping we could tell already!

We even got some sewing in. Kira and I took our machines and I told Kaitlyn she would be able to sew on mine to finish up the bag she was working on. She has a machine but yells at it every time she sits downs to sew(does that tell you anything). You can't enjoy sewing when your yelling and screaming at your machine all the time. She was totally surprised when I whipped out this brand new Bernina 230 for her to sew on. I think she will really love to sew now. Aren't they the prettiest things you've ever seen? That is if your attached to your Bernina, they are!

Kaitlyn had made the mystery bag I came up with and a lady she works with wanted her to make her one. This is it and she did a great job on it. It's amazing what a good machine can do.

Kira was making this cute quilt for Karas' bedroom. It's all done in Amy Butler prints. She finished it up the following evening. It turned out absolutely darling. Now she's onto the bed ruffle that includes jumbo ric rac, my fav.

Of course we found sugar cookies, this time at the mall in the Cornerstone Bakery. I always thought Mrs. Tobler's were good but I think these have her beat. I had forgot about this bakery, my Mom used to get these for us all the time when we would take her to the mall. I hadn't been to the mall for some time and remembered about them on our way.

Thick, soft and lots of icing. Just the way I like them. We should of bought more though!Supper was at our all time favorite, Texas Roadhouse on Saturday night.A great way to end a fabulous weekend away with the girls. We missed Angie, she was busy with her brothers graduation but we look forward to getting together before she starts school in the fall.

McKinley enjoying the time at supper, just chillin' in her seat. She was to cute not to take a picture in this position.


Sboyack said...

Looks like lots of fun, I am jealous.

Angie said...

Awww looks like you girls had lots of fun! Sorry I couldn't be there, but I'll see you soon! =]