June 1, 2009

He's back to the nest!

A couple a weeks ago we got a phone call from Jacob saying he had been laid off from his job at Harris Publishing. What a bummer, he was liking his job so well and as a bragging mom would tell you he was doing them such a good job. So much for that though. We left on Friday for Idaho Falls to help bring all of his things home. Jacob took the horse trailer back with him on Tuesday so he could get started. He had things just about finished up with the help of Angie on Friday before we got there. Some last minute play time with Lilly. This is Chad and Kasey's dog. They are the couple Jacob has been living with for 2 years, taking up their basement space.

Boy all this moving could wear a person out. This is the only thing I had to carry. Not to tough!

And this little box of belongings is what's left of Jacob's office. We asked him if they were nice enough to supply the box! Jacob's going to miss Idaho and all the friends he has made there. But as the saying goes, "When one door closes, another one opens". Jacob started a new job this morning in Sandy at Wide Open Performance. We wish him all the luck on his new job.

I had heard about a fabric store called Porter's so Angie and I venterured there after everything was done at the house. This store is actually a big craft store come to find out. The fabric department really not up to much I would have to say, but we did find some really fun stuff in the other areas of the store.

Where's Angie? Oh there she is! She blends right in with all these fun bright daisies. They had some neat things displayed to make. Angie is going to make one of these vases for her Grandparents 50th Anniversary in a couple of weeks, so she picked up things to do that.

These would make great wedding centerpieces also.

A girl's best friend, this bin was full of bracelet's. 2 for &5.00. A bargain, we both got really cute one's you know. Angies matched her outfit perfect.

That evening we all went to supper at Outback and then we ventured over to the Nature water
fountain. This fountain is ginormous, it sit's in a round about. In the winter they let the water run so it freezes over, and then in the spring and summer is flows just naturally. We stopped for a few pictures there.

You can see just how big this thing really is, we look like dwarfs in front of it. It has everything from an eagle and it's nest of babies, cougars, hawks, lions, tree trunks to twigs. Really something to see I think.

Saturday morning we headed back to Jacob's to load up his bed and elk skull and that was the last of it and we were on our way to Pocatello to say good bye to Angie. I wanted to stop there at a quilt shop called, how fitting is this. It's called the Quilt Shop. Hum wouldn't have to make that stop again anytime soon. Way off the beaten path and they didn't sell that much fabric, just alot of flannel. So off to Bed, Bath and Beyond to say our goodbyes.

After being on the road awhile and close to lunch time, we stopped in Brigham City and ate at one of the best places in Utah. The Maddox. This is a must when you are in that neighborhood. They serve up all of their own home grown beef. YUMMY! I remember stopping and eating here with my parents when I was a little tike. So it's been around for a long, long time and I bet you they will be for several more years.

The homemade rolls and corn bread are heavenly and oh yah the raspberry butter isn't that shabby either!

And as for long as I can remember they have been putting vases of fresh baby carnations on every table. Such a nice touch to your dining experience at the Maddox. We couldn't come home without bringing some of their famous chicken fried steaks and buffalo burgers, did you know you could do that? They are frozen and ready to go.
Anyway it was a fast trip but a fun one. Now once again the garage is full of Jacob's belongings. What a beautiful sight. It might be there for awhile and then again it might not. But it's always nice to have him here. Welcome back to the nest, Jacob.


Shortcake and Company said...

I was so curious about Jake. I'm glad he found a job! I knew he would. Poor Angie...I hope she'll visit often. And you guys always make a trip so fun with venturing off the beaten path to find treasures. I, too, love Maddox, but I haven't been there in years. said...

AH- PORTERS! I am so jealous. I LOVE porter's. When we drove to Yellowstone last year I made my hubby stop in Rexburg so I could go to porter's there. LOL We happened to be in IF this winter and saw that fountain all covered in snow and ice. It's amazing if you haven't seen it. Although, I have to say, it's nice to see it in the spring too.
Hey, how busy are you? Would you be interested in a sewing project to help me out? Let me know. I can come in and give you details if you're interested. thanks.

JJ said...

Maddox is one of my favorite places to eat when I'm up that way.I know I lived in 0gden in the late 60's and they were around then so it's a must try. I didn't know you could buy anything frozen so how lucky are you. Another place that Gary and I have to go eat at in the ogden area is El Madators oh so good.