July 22, 2009

Another Girl's Camp Over!

Well we survived another year of hosting our stake's girl's camp. We spent the 5th through the 12th at Camp KoHoLoWo. The girl's and their leaders didn't arrive until Wednesday morning so Stuart and I had a couple of days to ourselves before all the fun began. We had almost 240 girl's and leader's there the rest of the week. Here are some of the highlights of our week.(I'm warning you in advance of the picture overload ahead. There are so many I want to share, even the bear skat. Yup, we had a friendly little visitor one night.) This is Stuart and I in front of the lodge. We all gather here for flag and chapel, meals, programs, etc.
The meadow hadn't been mowed in a very long time. Stuart was lucky enough to be the first one to do it. He was on the tractor until after dark on Monday evening. He so could of been a farmer! He loved every minute of this job.

Doesn't it look so beautiful and green. He really did do a great job on it.

It was my job during camp to make sure the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers were full. Wow, I didn't realize just how much tp those girl's go through. One word, alot!!

Stuart did a little painting on the benches outside the lodge. They needed a fresh coat of paint, they haven't had one for sometime.

We had a little grafitti during the week, so we had to patch that up after the girl's had gone on Saturday.

And a couple of loose screws on beds to be tightened. The girl's are lucky enough to have these bunk beds to sleep on. These beds are so old, I slept on them when I was going to girl's camp!

We baked cookies for the girl's as a little gift as they left on Saturday. Then we packaged them in baggies and put a label on each one. You can read the little poem below:

We even had some visitors during the week. Kaitlyn and McKinley drove up from Levan. They spent a couple of hours with us. McKinley was showing off her new trick. Hum, should we call that walking! What a little smartie pants, she's only 9 months old.
Grandpa, Grandma and McKinley outside our home away from home.

During the week we participated in several activities with the girls. They had some really fun things going the whole time.

The beauty of the outdoors was all around us, the wildflowers were so pretty. We enjoyed some wildlife as well. We did see a few deer out in the meadow playing tag.

Surprise! A bear was in camp one night. He left his mark on the lawn in front of the lodge. With all that was going on I still found time to sew. I made a few fun things while I was away.

All set up and ready to sew! Just the perfect work space.
This is the Black Forest Bag from Melly and Me. I am going to be teaching this class at a Quilt Retreat in a couple of weeks so I wanted to make one that I could give away as one of the door prizes. I love how it turned out. The name and color of the bag are just fitting for the back drop of the picture. The forest, get it? The inside of the bag.
And this is a quilt I started for one of Jacob's co-workers in Idaho. I need to finish it up and then I'll tell you the story behind it.

I made this cute little purse pin cushion. I found the tutorial here if you are interested. The pouches were really fun and easy to make. The pattern is from Lazy Girl Designs, the zippers were so easy to put in. They have a fast zippy way of doing it. Way cute don't you think? These could be used for just about anything.
This is a mystery quilt I made at a quilt retreat last year. I finally got it quilted so I took it with me to finish binding. Look for it at the Fiesta Days Quilt show going on this weekend. If it's one of your favorite's please vote for it, ok.

And the last couple of things I got done were these cute tote bags. The pattern is from Whistlepig Creek. Each one is made from charm packs and a little extra yardage.

This bag I'm keeping for myself, it's made from Soriee from Moda.

And this one is on display at the Corn Wagon. It's made from Moda's Flag Day Farm.

So as you can see we had one busy week, but one filled with fun and laughter and memories that will last a lifetime. We look forward to doing this again. It was so quiet after all the girl's left on Saturday we just sat and enjoyed each other's company.


Sboyack said...

Looks like you had a great time, got some sewing done and enjoyed your stay.

Shortcake and Company said...

You two do such a great job as hosts. What a sweet touch with the baked cookies too. I think I might just like camping...whitehouse style.