July 27, 2009

Let's celebrate!

Another 24th of July has come and gone. We spent the weekend at the parade, 3 nights of rodeo, plus the Santaquin City Buckaroo rodeo where Hatch was participating in the Mutton Bustin event. The quilt show and the fireworks display rounded up the weekends events for us. It was fun visiting with friends and family over the Fiesta Days celebration here in good old Spanish Fork. We had Angie here for the weekend as well, it's always fun to have her staying with us. I hope she enjoyed the events.Bonnie and Doc our good friends enjoying the first night of the rodeo with us.

Some of the rodeo highlights. These Brahma bulls were awesome!

Parade time. Cousin Lana tellin stories to Angie and Stuart. She always has a story to tell.

Richard and Karissa in the parade. Richard is one of the town's councilmen. He did a great job on the parade line up, over 90 entries this year. Way to go Rich!

Thayne just chillin' at the parade.

The gangs all here. Karas, Kira, Hatch, Me and Thayne, Angie, John and Lana in front of the Oil Spout. This is where we have been watching the parade for several years.

Kira, John and the kids at the rodeo. Our kids have grown up sitting in these seats. We have sponsored these box seats for over 20 years. Now it's fun watching the grandkids do the same. We are really close to the rodeo action, sometimes you may even get a little dirt in your drink!

Jacob and Angie

Kody and Rachelle (Sturat's neice) joined in on the fun the last two nights. It was alot of fun having them join us. They can't wait for next year.

We enjoyed the fireworks display outside the rodeo grounds on the 24th.

Stuart and Tina, a family friend we haven't seen in quite sometime. It was fun to run into her and her family.

John, Kira and Hatch watching the fireworks. Thayne was in his stroller enjoying them. But where's Karas?

Here she is! Isn't this the cutest picture ever. She had found this sign laying on the ground and she could of cared less about the fireworks. She just wanted to play and dance on the sign so I let her of course. When I looked over she was laying down on it. What a perfect picture opportunity. After all the sign does say "Free Public Parking"!
Saturday morning we headed for Santaquin to watch Hatch in the little buckaroo rodeo that they put on. What a busy day this little guy would have. He would also be doing it at the Fiesta Days rodeo that night. What a cowboy won't do to make the circuit!
The 8 second ride and holding on for dear life!

Here's Hatch and one of the Bullfighters at the rodeo Saturday night.

And here he is getting ready for his second muttin bustin ride of the day. He did a great job on this ride too. Let's do it all over again in a year!

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deborah peake said...

It was great visiting with you. Your family has truly grown up. Your grandkids are darling and Hatch did a great job at the rodeo. Jacob's and Angie make a cute couple. He is so darn handsome. We really do need to do lunch sometime. love ya, deborah