July 4, 2009

It's Over!

This post is kind of a picture over load but it will be worth your time to look at all the fun photo's of the shop hop that took place the 17th through the 20th of June. We had so much fun getting the shop all dressed up to look like a toy shop. I contributed quite a few things I had around the house that I had kept of the kids as well as mine and Stuarts. Enjoy shop hopping. The first few pictures are of some of the employees working late the night before the big event.

Marsha and Lynette trying their very hardest to hula hoop, I think Lynette was the winner.

Hey, does this guy look familiar to anyone? What a good sport Sturat was to come help us hang our kites. Look how high we had him up on that ladder. What in the heck were we thinking. I'm sure he thought we were nuts, but he didn't complain. At least not while he was in the shop that is!
The bag lady hanging bags!
The following pictures are some of the display of toys we had through out the shop. I'm sure seeing some of them will take you on a trip down memory lane.

These dolls were some of the ones Marsha played with when she was a little girl. And the one with the bonnet belonged to her mother in law.

Say cheese Mary Ann and Megan!

Everything in the corner hutch came from my house. We had so many comments on all the old Fisher Price toys. I had one lady ask me if I wanted to sell the baby Tiny Tears on the top shelf. The quilt hanging up was our shop hop quilt. Each store had to make a quilt using each of the other stores blocks. Of course ours was the cutest quilt out there! You need to see this up close, the picture doesn't do it any good. Stop in and see it sometime. Mary Ann will be doing a class in the fall if you are interested.

The next pictures are of some of the quilts we had hung up for the shop hop. We featured Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies, so we had several of her quilts up as well.

This is the fun hopscotch quilt that I made for the shop.

This is the quilt Marsha taught on their cruise back in February, she entered it in the Springville Days Quilt Show and won a ribbon. I don't think she liked the idea of us leaving the ribbon on it.

This quilt is called If the Shoe Fits! Isn't is so cute.

This is Emily's newest, she was binding it the night before so we could display it. It's called Holiday Line Up. This is on my holiday list for sure!

Emily's Postage Stamp in the background and one of Amy Butler's patterns in the front. And Fig Tree Sweet Sugar Swirl is hung on the shelf.

And the day is here, look who we have to greet us, Clarabelle(aka Mary Ann) and Clarence (aka Marsha). What good sports Marsha and Mary Ann were. Marsha is the store owner and Mary Ann is the manager. They dressed up all four days and were so into their characters it was hard for us to get back to normal the following week. We had lots of fun things going on during the shop hop. We had games, hula hoop competitions, hopscotch outside, and cracker jacks for refreshments. I think everybody had a real good time when they came into shop at the Corn Wagon. I know they left happy anyway.

We already have our theme for next year and ideas are popping in our heads already. It's going to be another fun is all I can say. You will have to wait a whole other year to find out what it is. I know the suspense is killing you already, huh. Stayed tuned, I might be needing you for ideas!


Shortcake and Company said...

What a fun event. And I know with your hand in it, the place was decked out perfectly.

Sandra said...

you still have not given credit where credit is due.
That hopscotch quilt was designed by Alison Heil Scully and you really should give her the credit on your blog as well as the magazine it was in.

Flores Hayes said...

lovely bags!

my roomate is THRILLED with her bag!
she won’t put it down!!!