March 31, 2010

It's Spring, Kind Of!

My third quilt of the year. So far I'm staying caught up on my quilt of the month goal. Here is the finished Liliana, isn't she beautiful. This is a pattern from Crazy Old Ladies and I made it from the popular Verna line from Kate Spain. Don't you love the jumbo ric-rac? It's my favorite thing on the quilt. It's just shouting spring to me, whenever it get's here!
Hey if you like this quilt and want to learn the technique of putting it together, I will be teaching it in St. George the last weekend of June. Get your girlfriends together and schedule a little get away. It might be a little warm but Dave's Bernina has great air conditioning, I hope!


Collette C. said...

I LOVE this quilt. Those colors make me so happy, the prints are so cute, and the ric-rac is adorable. Maybe I can see you in St. George in June. But no sewing class for me.

retno andriani said...

i love sewing too..
but not good as you are

kate spain said...

shannon, your quilt is beautiful!! i love that pattern and you did such a fabulous job. Way to go! hugs, kate