March 7, 2010

Making House calls!

This Bag Lady now makes house calls! Last Monday evening I met with this group of fun ladies to teach them how to make the tote bag that I have been teaching the last couple of months. I can't believe how popular this bag has become. Two of them had taken my class at the shop and thought it would be fun to have a mother and daughter night. Thanks ladies for letting me come and share my talents with you and feeding me such a wonderful supper.
Candice, Ann, Judy(the host), Connie, Keri, and Janene.

They all finished their bags, and everyone of them turned out just darling. Wouldn't you agree? I guess you could call me a traveling bag lady now. Hey, if you think this is something you might like to do with girlfriends, work place friends or family, I would love to come to your house and help you host a sewing event like this. You pick the bag and I'll provide the help you need to make it, it's that easy. E-mail if you want more info on hosting somthing like this in or around my area. My e-mail address is on my sidebar. Let's get together and have some sewing fun.


Allie said...

Looks like fun, Shannon!

Yvonne said...

Why don't you live around the block?
Anyway you are invited!(hihihi)
We would like to have you teaching!