March 31, 2010

Simply Sewing 101

Oh my goodness I just saw that this is my 301 blog entry. I was going to have a little contest when I hit 300 which would have been my last entry. So keep reading to find out the surprise at the end of this entry.
To all of my Simply Sewing girls, class this month won't be until the last week of April. Please mark April 28th on your calendars. Something to be aware of is the time, I have changed it to 6:00 instead of 7:00. For this months project we are making these fun jewelry pouches. Wouldn't these make a great Mother's Day gift. You could tuck a piece of jewelry down inside one of the pockets. And what Mom doesn't like jewelry? This jewelry pouch is a circular bag with 8 interior pockets, perfect for carrying earrings and rings. The center of the pouch is padded and holds bracelets and watchs. The drawstrings hold the bag closed. The supply lists will be ready for pick up after April 12th. Can't wait to see you all.
Now for the fun give away honoring my 300 post. Leave me a comment on what your favorite piece of jewelry is(besides your wedding ring) and the story behind it, then let me know that you have put me in your followers list. I see some of you have already added me and I would love to be able to see where you all come from and to read all about your happenings on your blogs. The lucky winner will win one of these great bags and also a little something to go in it! I will draw a name next Wednesday, April 7th and I will post it before I go away for the weekend to the Super Spring Retreat in Ephraim.


Tina said...

My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring, since it doesnt go out of style and sit in the drawer, after 18 years I still wear it almost every day.
I also have you on my blog so I wont miss any updates.

Angie said...

Well, I'm lucky enough to have one of these cute lil' things, thanks to you ;) But I can't resist commenting! I love LOVE jewelry :) I can't choose my fav, anything from my long necklaces to big rings, unique earings, and my newest addiction, bumble watches! Thanks again for my darling pouch, I use it every time I pack!

Melody said...

If only I lived closer so I could join in on your classes. The pouches are lovely. My favorite piece of jewelry is an incredible diamond cocktail ring my Hubby bought for me for no reason at all. It is really fancy and I wear it everyday!

Collette C. said...

These are so cute, just like everything you do. I follow your blog, although I don't have one of my own. My favorite piece of jewelry is a big charm made by one of my favorite sisters that has a picture of our mom & dad (circa 1948) on one side and my initial on the other side. I hang it from a chunky chain and receive compliments every time I wear it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you don't have more comments than this. I don't know if I'm eligible to win but I have a few favorites. John gave me a saphirre and diamond ring for our 5 year anniversary, it has one saphirre for the month of september and two diamonds for the two special days in that month. My birthday and our anniversary. He designed it and had it made special for me.

My other favorite is a gold wedding band that was Grandma White's.

Meg said...

I love those jewelry purses! I hope I can come down and make one, or better yet win one!

You know me and jewelry, so it's hard to pick one, but my favorites are anything that was given to me by someone else because then I think of them every time I wear it. I love the ring Patrick gave me for our 10 year anniversary, and Pam gave me a beautiful shamrock necklace (she calls me her lucky clover). Those are just a couple.

I hope you had a great Easter!

Meg said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon!
My favorite piece of jewlery is a big chunky turquoise necklace. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't wear a ton of jewlery but this necklace matches just about everything I wear. I wear it atleast once or twice a week. Super cute jewlery pouches!! Dondy

Andie said...

My favorite is a charm necklace of all my kids, they are little cowboys and cowgirls with my kids birthstones in them. I always get lots of complements when I wear it.
I will try to add you as a follower but I am not sure how, hopefully it works. Thanks so much and I am so jelous about your spring retreat. Sometime I hope that me and my sisters can go to that sometime. Have fun and take lots of pictures.

Alice said...

My favorite is a diamond bracelet Scott surprised me with a couple of Valentines days ago. I can't believe you have 300 posts. I'm already a follower.

martine said...

Hi Shannon, another Dutchie here.
Found your blog when Yvonne told me about it.
Very sweet pouches and I want to join your contest.
And my favorite .... a silver necklace that my grand-father gave to my grand-mother when my father was born.
It's almost a hundred years old, very delicate and I cherish it.
Warm greetings Martine

Kristin said...

Hi Shannon,

I have been following you for quite some time and your blog is one of my favorites!

My favorite piece of jewelery is a gold charm bracelet. Each charm represents a place that I've visited in my travels.

See you soon!

Deb said...

Hi! Just found you via jaybird quilts. My favorite pieces of jewelry are all my various earrings...dragonflies, quilt squares, and yarn and knitting needles all on dangling them all. But, for our 25th anniversary five years ago, my husband gave me a necklace with a diamond heart and earrings to match. Now those are my absolute favorites! Thanks for your giveaway!

Sboyack said...

I love jewelry but a few pieces that mean the most are from my Grandma's. I have some great watches and my Grandma's birthday is also in my month "March". We are both pisces so I have her birth month pin and her charm bracelet, the charm bracelet has charms that mean something for both of us. It has a guitar and I play the guitar, it has a airplane because she loves to travel, so do I. It has a telephone because she did numerous jobs were she was on the phone, hello so do I. It has a heart that says Ruby don't take your love to town because her name is Rebecca or Ruby as we call her, the song came out and they had it engraved for her. My Grandma is one of my hero's and the best part about getting her jewelry is she is still around and she was able to see what us kids got from her and what mean't something to us. I cried when the jewelry was given to me. I have my Grandma's love for jewelry, travel, shoes and purses.

alaynamarriott said...

You are such a fun blogger, and one of the most talented people I know. I always loved going to your house when I was little to see all of your fun crafts and projects. You totally caught me....I'm definitely one of those {blog stalkers} who LOVES looking, but rarely leaves comments. Terrible I know. How can I resist talking about jewelry, though? Aside from my wedding ring.....I love fun and hip jewelry (big beads, big bracelets, pretty much anything that jingles.) Right now the piece of jewelry that means the most is a simple blue chunky bracelet. Here's the story. I took the kids to Shopko a week before my birthday to do some Halloween shopping. While we were there Dawson asked me if I liked BLUE or BROWN better. I had NO clue why he was asking, but I said BLUE. I later learned that the day before my birthday, four-year-old Dawson told his Dad that he needed a ride to Shopko, because he wanted to buy a "beautiful blue bracelet that would look so pretty on Mom." I guess this bracelet caught Dawson's eye while we were out shopping, and he knew it would make me happy. As you can guess, I try to wear that bracelet as often as possible to be reminded of that sweet thoughtful boy of mine. Aren't kids amazing?

(Sorry about the novel!)

Steven and Ginger said...

My husband bought me silver heart earings and matching bracelet from Brighton. I later bought the heart necklace to match. They are my favorite!

daurenet said...

Oh you know I read your blog! But I have been missing the beat lately. Been out of town. And plan busy. I want one of those pouches. I better figure out if I can make it. As for a favorite peice of jewelry? I have many. I have a charm braclet that has so many charms on it. It tells my life story about people who I love,places that I have been, my chidren, It's really just about me and I love it. I actualy have many peices that I love. Oh I just LOVE jewelry:)

JJ said...

I have been very blessed in many ways. One is my husband is very good to me. One of the things he likes to do is buy me very expense jewelry (I no How lucky am I) Although on my 25th Anniversary he gave me a hongin big new diamond ring.I think my favorite piece is my right hand ring. With out me knowing he took my first diamond he had give me and put it in a setting that I had been admirering for a while. So I can wear it on my right hand. I love it and I love my husband.