March 20, 2010

This is what I call fun!

In honor of NQD (National Quilt Day) Abbey Lane Quilts is having a fun give away. You should check it out for yourself. They are being awfully generous with the gifts they are giving away. I might add, there are l ot's of chances to be picked in this one. I had the opportuntity to meet these great ladies at work last Saturday afternoon. Come to find out they have a quilt featured in the same QUILT Magazine(that's the name of it, Quilt)that I found my last Bag Ladies bag from. They were commenting how great the bag was, they asked for the pattern and I told them where they could find it. Then we all came to the conclusion that their quilt just happened to be in there too. Funny how things bring quilters together. I had them autograph my copy. Thanks for the friendship ladies. Then later in the week I had a comment from them on one of my posts. And did you see the Kate Spain commented on my Verna post. She is so sweet to take the time to look at all those post. Have I mentioned lately that I love to sew, and meeting great designers like these makes it all worthwhile.


Yvonne said...

You are so right Shannon. I can imagene that it must be great to meet the designers of the creations you are having so much fun with!
I bet they are happy to that you are making all that beautiful things with it and teaching it to others.

Janice and Marcea said...

It was fun to meet you last week. We love all of your bags. Wish we lived closer so we could take some of your classes. Thanks for all the nice comments. Good Luck in the contest.