March 8, 2010

Meet Eddie!

Spaghetti Eddie that is!Do you think Thayne likes spaghetti or what? I've never seen a kid eat spaghetti as good as he did.
Look at this smile, his face was permantely orange after we got him washed off.

And Karas, we couldn't even get her to taste hers. All she wanted was for me to "take a her picture"! She loves the camera, I'm glad I got this one of her smiling so big. Isn't she cute?


Yvonne said...

What a precious pair! You can see the fun they are having with their Granny!

Angie said...

Holy smokes they are too cute! And I hate to admit it, but I eat spagettie-spaggetie-spag...ah-ha! SPAGHETTI, anyways, like Thayner ;) And Miss Karas is probably the cutest most sweet thing ever! See you all soon!!!