October 6, 2010

Things I did at camp!

This is what I did while I was at KoHoLoWo last week. How did you know it involved sewing? I sewed, sewed, sewed. But you will be surprised at a couple of other things I did as well. Here's my show n tell. I made myself quite cozy. I used the dining table to sew on.
And the kitchen counter served as my cutting and ironing area.
Monday evening after Stuart got back from being down home for awhile, he brought me this package that was in the mail. A package from Yvonne, but she had already sent me a birthday gift. How exciting to get something in the mountains. It was a very nice birthday card with a couple of pieces of fabric. One of her "BEE" friends, Hilde had gone to France on a holiday and she brought me back these lovely pieces. My fabric stash is now collecting fabrics from around the world. Wowsers! I have some from the Netherlands and now France. Hilde said I was part of the "BEE", even though I'm not there to sew with them every week. Boy do I feel honored.This is the card and the nice fabric. Thank you "SEW" very much Hilde. I can't wait to make something out of it. Any suggestions?I love this time of year just so I can burn a pumpkin spice candle. I had it burning everyday while we were up there. It got me in the mood to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I am so glad that I packed all "3" ingredients. That's it, 3. These are just about the easiest cookies to make.
All you need is a can of pumpkin, a spice cake mix and chocolate chips. Mix that all together and bake for 10 - 13 minutes on 350. Simple huh?
Here are my cookies in my cute little oven. They did take a bit longer to bake because of the altitude.Now onto the sewing projects. I was experimenting with this bag pattern. It just possibly might be a mystery bag some time. What do you think of it? I love the fabric line from Kate Spain, it's called Fantango.
The inside of the bag is nice and roomy. Lots or space for all the girly stuff we girl's have to carry around.
I finished binding another Twister quilt. I made this one from scraps that Emily had put together in a layer cake. I am really tickled with it. Isn't she a beut. Boy are these things addicting. Remember I'm teaching a class on this technique on Saturday, October 30th. Come join us at the Corn Wagon.

Here's another bag that I did. The pattern is from Whistle Pig Designs. This is a different shape for a bag, but look at all the features she has. It kind of reminds me of a lunch bag.
It had snaps on both sides for the enclosed sides or you can leave it open for a more roomier bag. Here it is snapped closed.
And this is it left open.
The pockets in the inside have an elastic casing all the way around. It will keep all your things in place. The only thing I would change on this bag is the handles, they are just a little bit too long for me. Change is good. This will probably end up as a class.

This is where the surprise comes in. I never really ever read anything but quilt patterns and magazines. I saw this book advertised in one of the book store ads and I knew I had to read it. I have been following the articles in our newspaper about Paul Cardall and the struggles he has gone through living with congential heart disease. This book struck home, Stuarts older sister Marriden suffered with this her whole life and eventually passed away from it. Maybe that's the reason I needed to read it. After I would read a passage from the book to Stuart, he would say "That was Marriden". Both Marriden and Paul shared some of the same doctors at Primary Children's Hospital. I was not disappointed in this book. This is one of those books you can't put down. I read it in between sewing projects. I recommend it to every one. It has a great message about things we should do before our hearts stops. I'm crying now just writing about it.
I sewed the binding on and then I sat and bound my pinwheels quilt while we were watching movies.
Here's a quick and easy baby quilt that I pieced from the Riley Blake All-Star line. Of course it's for that baby boy were getting in December. A grandbaby that is!
And the last project I didn't quite get finished with is this western quilt I'm making for the trailer. So you can tell that I was one busy sewer over the week. Don't you just love those kind of weeks. Too bad I can't say that about this one. My sewing machine misses me.


Yvonne said...

Are you sure you were only at camp for a week? Can not believe all the things you got done in that time! Did Stuart only see you from behind your sewing machine?
Love the things you have made, your bags are precious as always as are the quilts!

Jan Marie said...

What a great week. It sounds like you were on a roll.