December 18, 2010

A Christmas, "White" house style!

Welcome to the "White" house. For those that won't be visiting us from far away places, (we wish you could all stop by) I thought it would be fun to take you on a photo tour of some of my favorite Christmas decor that I have collected over the years. Some are more precious than others, alot of them are gifts and some are homemade. Year after year I get the same things out and I look at each item and reflect back on it's story. Enjoy the tour, todays portion will be the upper half of the house. You are always welcome here, come on in.
My sleigh and bells, a purchase many years ago from Heritage Woodworks.
The candy cane also from Heritage. I did work there for many years so I have lots of items from that fun shop.
In the entry way I hang this garden gate, it was a left over from Kaitlyn's wedding. It's perfect for all the holiday greetings we receive from friends far and near. By the time Christmas gets here it will be covered. We enjoy each and every greeting that comes our way.

I look forward to putting up my nativity every year. The creche was a gift to me the year my dad passed away, so as I'm putting it all together I reflect back on Christmas memories of him.

I am very fortunate to have my Grandma Thomas' old tredle Singer sewing machine. During the holidays I put antique things I have collected. Most of it was from Stuart's childhood.
There is old vintage ornaments, lights, tinsel and ornament hooks. We have story books and puzzle from both of us. What treasures.

The kitchen is all decorated in red and bright green. Lot's of snowmen adorn it.

There's always treats around too!

Some of the stockings are hung. All of these stockings are hand knitted and I got them at a boutique years ago.

This little doll sits in this same place year after year. I've tried different arrangements with her and this one just seems to fit her best. She is one of the many dolls I have made.

A fun little table of snowmen. Look, he's all bundled up for winter!

The upstairs tree is looking a little sparce this year. Since the girl's took their ornaments I haven't replaced them with anything else. I still hang Jacob's, mine and Stuart's though. Next year it will be the Mr. and the Mrs.' hanging around the tree! Watch out Christmas sales, here I come!
This is the true meaning of Christmas isn't it? I really should break out this pattern and make more of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. Their all bound together in love, just like we should be at Christmas time.

Apothacary jars filled to the brims with holiday decorations. I use these all year round. Just change the items inside and you have a whole different look. Another good leftover from a wedding.

Ho, ho, ho! Who loves Santa? I do, can you tell? It's been along time since I have added to it though. I don't know what took me away from making dolls, maybe I just got tired of doing them. I really should pick it up again.

So there you have a few of my favorite things. I wish I could show you everything but that would take days and you would probably be bored with it all. So if your in our neck of the woods this Christmas season, stop in a say hello and check everything out.


Martha said...

Love the decorations!! Please show us more!

Yvonne said...

Ooohh! I wish I could take a peek into your lovely home at Christmas time. I can almost smell the tree! just by looking at the pictures. It looks so lovely! Al those little things that are so precious because they all tell a story and have memories attached to it!

Rennie said...

You create such a lovely Christmas house. Oh I wish I was there to see it by myself!

daurenet said...

Oh how I love all of your favorite things too! You have a pattern of the Mary,Joseph, and baby Jesus ? Would so love to make one too. Can I borrow it some time?