December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

The basement at the White house carries a western theme throughout. Some of these decorations are antiques the others I have just added over the years. The tree downstairs is decorated with bandana bulb ornaments, small cowboy hats, stars, snowmen and the garland is rope. I have stuffed berry sprigs here and there through out the tree.
My tree topper is from Heritage Woodworks years ago. Loved it then and I still love it.
I can't exactly remember where I got this picture but isn't it cute of Santa in his cowboy boots sittin and whittling away on a rocking horse.
Three of the stockings are hung with care. The mantels above the stove are decorated with a bunch of odds and ends with cowboy Santa's placed within.
This will be Jacob's last year here for hanging his stocking. We all had these wool stockings that Santa filled when the girl's were home. Every one is different. I still have theirs, along with one for John, Hatch, Karas and Mike. It was getting way to expensive for Santa to fill all those stockings, plus with more on the way I ran out of wool ones. Santa has come up with something else to take their places this year.

Years ago while having supper at Sundance I noticed how easy they had done some of their decorating on top of their cabinets. Look how easy this is, just throw a string of lights in a basket and tah-dah you have instant magic. This is a very old string of lights that I am still using bought at a thrift store. No ryhme or reason, just throw them in! (Well, carefully)
This is the hallway table leading into the family room.
This old fashioned log cabin quilt belonged to Stuart's grandma Verl. We are so fortunate to have it. It is made from men's wool suits, odds and end fabric scraps. Everything is handstitched on it. It hangs all year round. But it especially fits at this time of year.New to the decorations this year. The ceramic snowflake plate and rusted candlesticks.
These are some of Stuart's boyhood toys. Notice the little cowboy in the picture. Isn't he the cutest cowboy ever!
A little reading nook for the kids. The rocking chair just happens to be Stuart's too. His mother thought of keeping everything. We are so lucky to have gotten them. Each piece is cherished dearly and he has lot's of fond memories growing up.
In the shadow boxes I have placed several things that have made Christmas special at the White house. The two mice were given to Kira and Jacob from great-grandma White. I put some of the kids ornaments they made in elementary school. The stuffed hearts and ponies were made by me the first year we were married. And there are a few old pictures of the kids. These things are priceless and I am sure glad that I have kept them over the years.
Below the boxes hang 3 special wreaths. All of my kids had the same 5th grade teacher and this is what they made in her class as presents. They are made from sandwich baggies tied onto a hanger shaped in a circle. I don't know why I haven't gotten them out in years past but this year I found the perfect spot for them. Sure am glad I kept them too.
Well, there you have it folks, some of my favorite things in the basement of this humble abode. We love our house and I look forward to decorating every year. I have so many cherished memories to not share them with everyone and besides it only happens once a year. Right?Though it's getting a little harder and harder for me to do, I'll just keep pluggin away til I can't dig the totes out any longer. I might have to recruit Hatch next year!

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Yvonne said...

And I thought your upstairs level was the cutest ever, downstairs is at least just as cute I think. I love the western style as you know and that tree! Love, love, love it! The western Santa is so funny too! So many fun things, it looks like a Christmas museum! I think Hatch would love to help you, maybe you can start a new tradition!