December 21, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow!

Welcome winter! I opened the front door this morning to get the daily paper. Hum, can't see it, it's buried under all of this snow. I stood in the front door way to take this picture. Wow, are we getting duumped on. It's been snowing all night and is to continue all day. Do you have snow where you are? This is our neighbor's car across the street.
A shot down the street, they forgot to get their garbage cans in. Look at the snow piled on!
The tree and corner of our porch. Taken out the front window.
Angie and Jacob's vehicles covered under the snow. Finally, Angie gave up on cleaning hers off and made Jacob take her to work.
Another tree in our yard. Hope it dosen't brake. This snow is real heavy, with lot's of water.
Today is the first day of winter, so snow is expected I guess. Stay warm and be safe.

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Yvonne said...

This look like the amount of snow we are having here. For you this is probably normal in the winter but for us it is rare. Especialy now it is staying there for almost a week now! We love it! Going to work is a challenge but it is so beautiful don't you think? Guess you are going to have a white Christmas at the White House!