December 19, 2010

Oops! Deleted Pictures!

Some how I deleted quite a few pictures when I did my post yesterday. Didn't realize it until I looked at the whole thing and I didn't see these in the post. So enjoy some more of the upper half of the house. Of all my Christmas decorations this Santa picture is my favorite. This could be a lengthy story about the significant reason it's my fav. The kids made it in 1990. Do any of you remember mop dolls? I had been making Santa's out of mops that I had dyed red. As I made them I would let the scraps fall on the floor, making a huge pile. Later in the evening the kids were with a babysitter and she pieced together type paper then drew an outline of Santa. They glued on red mop scraps for his coat and hat. For the fur around the cuffs and hat they used cotton balls from my bathroom. Those same cotton balls would make his beard. His hair was remnants of curly hair I had been using. They even found matching buttons in my button jar. What a work of art. They worked all night on it they said, staying up into the wee hours of the morning as we were gone for the weekend. For several years I would just fold it up and put it away with the other decorations, but as I was sorting through decorations one year I realized that I had a treasure and it needed to be preserved. We took and had it mounted and framed. The original frame was a red metal one. I pulled it out a couple of years ago and the glass had cracked from corner to corner. We had it reframed in this nice wooden frame, nothing else was damaged when the glass broke. The matting boards are those of the first framing. I had a plaque engraved with the year it was made and the kids names and ages. I even included Brooke our babysitter. She was thirteen at the time. Kira would of been 9, Jacob 5 and Kaitlyn 2. Needless to say I store the wonderful picture in a different place where it will be safe for years to come(let's hope). I told you it was a treasure. It's the first decoration out when it's time to decorate.
This is the front entry way table.

Banister decorated, check!
I have things hiding everywhere! This little collection is on top of my curio cabinet.
Little Winter Wilma!
Christmas Raggedy Ann.
Hope you enjoyed today's tour. Let's do western tomorrow, should we?


Yvonne said...

You must be walking around in your house with a big smile on your face these days! It looks all so cozy and nice, you are a great decorator!

Yvonne said...

Oh...and that Santa! I remember making things like that as a kid. Never had one framed though... what a great memory this is!

Shortcake and Company said...

Your home is always so beautiful. And I LOVE that Santa too. What a fun babysitter Brooke was!