February 2, 2011

Some more of Vegas

It's Wednesday and day 3 of our Vegas/St. George trip. Stuart located the Christmas Goose Quilt Shop for me. The fun ladies at this shop had ordered my Spooky Treats quilt pattern from last summer. So while I was in the neighborhood (sort of) we took a trip to put faces with names.I get excited going into new shops, don't some of you? It's hard to take it all in at once. This shop is decorated with lots of old antiques.I found a few things I couldn't leave without getting. That's a later post though.
Look at this snazzy wall system they use for all their patterns. The doors glide along rollers so it makes looking at the the patterns "sew" simple. This would be a great system to have in a sewing room. If only I had the room for something like this, I know I can feel it with patterns. No problem on that end!
Look what just happened to be hanging on one of the pegs. My oh my, how do you like this? It's Spooky Treats. You remember it don't you?
This little beauty was a big hit last October.
They had some amazing quilts hanging for display. I really liked the look of this star quilt. It's made up with fat quarters. Definately on the list to do.
Look how cute this one is. I just thought all the women on this quilt were cute. So many different fabrics used on it. A great way to use scraps.
After we left the quilt shop we went for ride to see the Big Dam Bridge. Which would be the Hoover Dam. We have been there a couple of times while they have been working on it. They finished up last fall. Wow, what a sight. Well kind of. When you drive over it you can't even see down to the dam. They have built the side walls so high that its impossible to see down, so of course we parked and walked up and walked across the bridge.This is really an amazing sight from here.
Look! I'm just about as tall as the retaining wall. And I thought they were alot taller than that.
From this spot you can see the bridge in the background. Yup, I was up that high walking across the "Big Dam Bridge"!
We spent the afternoon doing a little shopping and had a great lunch at Outback Steakhouse and then that evening it was time to get all fancied up for a concert at the Flamingo.
We went to see these two very talented people. Yes, Donny and Marie. These two are super energetic and full of personality. I wasn't disappointed at all. I'm glad I got the chance to see their show. It was awesome. And then it was off to lullaby land. See you back in St. George.


Carina said...

Hi Shannon,
I am a blog friend of Yvonne. So I visit your blog too. Last summer I was for the first time in my life in America. Also in las vegas i went to Nancy Quilt Shop in Las Vegas a superstore. Unfortunately, they would stop at the end of 2010. The shop you've visited, I did not find. Read with pleasure your blog Regards Carina

Martha said...

I love to visit quilt shops, too. Can't wait to see what you bought. I bought your Spooky Treats last year in Provo. I plan on making for my grandchildren before Halloween this year.

Yvonne said...

This is the strangest thing Shannon. Today suddenly your post arrived that is dated february 2nd. Love to read the follow up story about your Vegas trip. Looking at the Hoover Dam bridge brought back memories to Alex and me. We where there when they just started to build the bridge years ago. Great to see it is finishe now and than Donny and Marie.... I can only imagine the fun you must have had at their show! Isn't it great to find one of your patterns in a quilt shop in Vegas?
Are you getting exited for your next trip yet? Just one month till we meet! We are talking about packing our bags here already!

Yvonne said...

Oeps, I forgot to mention I just love the woman quilt! It is one I will put on my wish list of quilts I really want to make some day!