February 22, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It's still the month of love isn't it? So it's ok if I share some stories of our annual Valentine's dinner. Stuart and I host a dinner for the kids the Sunday before the big day. This year it was on the 13th. We fixed a yummy ham with all the fixings. The table is set with lots and lots of treats.
Everyone's gathered at the table. I think we are missing two, don't you? Smile for the camera!
Kira surprised us with a game of love Bingo. What cute bingo cards she had for all of us. I think the kids liked the markers the best. We used conversation hearts, so you can imagine all the sugar eating going on.
Even the little one's could play with us.
Kira downloaded random pictures of all the family for the squares. Look how adorable it is. It would be cute hanging in a frame for the holiday I think. I just might have to do that next year.
The kids could of just kept playing, but when I pulled out their Valentine gifts it was time to stop.
"Read this to me Grandpa"
Some more treats!
Even baby Teegan opened his giftNow for the messy part of the afternoon. I always bake sugar cookies and just let the kids decorate their own. It's messy but they have so much fun doing it. We will do it again in October for Halloween.
The dad's jump right into help the kids. I don't know who was having the funnest time, the dad's or the kids!
Karas' cookie needed a whole bottle of sprinkles!
Grandma helping McKinley.
After cleaning up this mess, we surprised Mike with a birthday cake. He didn't know we were going to celebrate his birthday that night. I don't think he was expecting that.
What a fun afternoon, enjoying each other's company and getting high on sugar! The mom's probably weren't to happy with us sending them home that way, but hey were the grandparent's, right!


Martha said...

Hi Shannon:
It looks like you all had so much fun! I love those Bingo cards! You give me so many good ideas.

Yvonne said...

It is so nice to see how you all are celebrating Valentine's Day! I might introduce it here in the Netherlands. Love the Bingo cards, who won?
From here we wish Michael a happy birthday tomorrow!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You have the best ideas! How fantastic.

JanTSouthwick said...

Looks like a great day! I can't say I would want to eat any of the cookies frosted by the kids, but they do look yummy!