February 12, 2011

Day 4, kind of lazy for sure!

Thursday afternoon after getting back in to St. George we kind of had a relaxing, lazy day. While Stuart was napping I drove to town to check out what was new in a couple of my favorite stores I like to visit while I'm in town. TJ Maxx's was the first stop, not a very successful trip this time. I couldn't find anything that really jumped out at me. Now that's a switich, I can usually find bargain after bargain there. Maybe next time. Then it was off to Lazy Daisy Cottage to visit with Dana and the girls. This shop has fabric, but it also has a good assortment of candies, jewelry and gifts. Stop in the next time your in town. Sorry I missed Dana though. My last stop of the afternoon was Quilted Works. After wondering and looking at all the fabric I didn't need, I ended up buying what else, but some bag patterns. I missed seeing Nedra there. I was surprised to learn she had moved just a week or so earlier. These bag patterns are quite simple. I have already made the MiPad case for my trip, only mine's not for an IPad. Oh yah, don't let me forget to show and tell you all about my adventure coming up a month from today. It's been a surprise since last September. I'll keep you "posted"! And this was my purchase at Lazy Daisy. Look how adorable this sewing fabric is. I love the little scissors and spools of thread on the flowered piece. I don't really have anything in mind for it, it will just have to sit on the shelf for a little while til I think of something. Oops I mean floor! I also bought one of their cute apron kits, which includes the flower pin by the way.
Now for my souviners I picked up at the Christmas Goose the day before. Have you seen these scissors from Fiskers? I don't know if they have been out for awhile but they were sure are something new to me, where have I been? They are spring loaded, soft and squishy. Just the right thing for clipping raw edge quilts. These would work great on denim to. I had to try them out on my blocks for my Blissfull Day quilt.
I also found the book the star quilt was in that I blogged about in my earlier post. And a new Snap Happy bag pattern. This one is a double layered one, great for sewing supplies, make up or just trinkets in your purse. Can't wait to make this one. A thought just appreared to me, this is what I might use that cute fabric on! Sounds like a good idea to me. I should get started! The weather was wonderful, so why not barbeque.
It was a great day in the neighborhood, well kind of. When we went for our annual ride to the candy store at Zion's to get peanut brittle they weren't opened for the season yet. Darn it, for sure next time though!


Nedra said...

Sorry to have missed you! I am currently hanging out in Arizona. We have not sold our home in St. G as of yet, so I will be back often to check on things. Maybe we will cross paths when you are there on a visit too.

Yvonne said...

You really bought some great stuff Shannon! The pattern of the 'Make it Snappy bag' looks handy as also does the Fiskars. And the flower fabric with that spools is really, really cute! I can't wait to hear all about your adventure, wonder what that will be.....