February 20, 2011

Teegan's Special Day

Teegan Michael Mitchell recieved his name and a blessing on the 4th of February. Michael gave him a beautiful blessing that morning. What a special day for Teegan, he was surrounded with lots of family to witness such a wonderful event. We are growing in numbers aren't we? We were minus 2 people though, we missed Angie and Jacob.Kaitlyn and Mike with their cute little family.
After their church meeting we traveled to Mona where Mike's parents hosted a family dinner. We had a nice afternoon visiting and getting to know all of Mike's family better. It's a good thing we have these kind of get togethers or we would never see the in laws.
John and the boys, Hatch and Thayne.
Smile for Grandma! Karas and Grandpa sent to the corner, were they in trouble? No just snuggling with each other.Can we just eat our dinner?
What a bunch of cheesers!

Is that John doing dishes? What a guy!
And the guest of honor himself, Mr. Teegan. Isn't he growing leaps and bounds?
He's all wrapped up in my blessing gift to him. What else, a quilt!
We are so thankful for this new little addition to our family. What a special gift Kaitlyn & Michael have given us. We are so blessed.


Yvonne said...

What a special day for all of you to celebrate together! Baby Teegan is growing so fast! What a cute cheeks he has!

Rennie said...

What a nice pictures of the celebration and what a lovely little new metropolian.