February 13, 2011

Oh my it's day 5!

Another lazy morning. After laying around for a bit we finally got cleaned up and went for a drive to check out the new airport in St. George. You didn't know St. George was getting so big did you? They have had a smaller airport for years but as the area grows so does the need to improve. They have built a beautiful airport, that someday will be busy, busy, busy. You just wait. It was a very quiet afternoon, not many flights coming and going. We helped ourselves to a tour of this nice new facility.Where are all the passengers! No waiting here for 2 or more hours.
Our home is approximately here from the airport.
They have a big enough airport to grow into. In years to come it will be hustling and bustling with all sorts of people. You never know, maybe someday we will be flying down. lol
While we were out on our joy ride Stuart received a phone call from his brother Steven saying he was coming through on his way to Vegas, and he would be there about dinner time. Steve is a truck driving man. Stuart picked him up at the truck stop while I waited in line at Texas Roadhouse.
As always we had a yummy supper. We did lot's of visiting and laughing that night. We don't have the chance to do this very often so it was great getting together with him. Thanks for the invite Steve. We took him back to his truck so he could be on his way. Stuart and Steve with the semi.
Another great day in the neighborhood. Happy Trails Steve, be safe.
This ends our Vegas trip, sorry it has taken me so long to get it all done. Now onto some fun sewing stuff, like bags, winterfest, etc. And oh, my up coming trip. ("I'm so excited")


Yvonne said...

That is one fancy looking airport! And so nice and quiet! Did you get in the mood to fly yet? It must have been nice to meet with Stuarts brother, he's got a pretty truck!

Nedra said...

I haven't been to the new airport yet,so I was especially happy to see the stautue by myfriend and neighbor L'Deane Trueblood. I did a blog post May 13, 2009 on her as she worked in her studio on the statue: