June 20, 2011

Any Twilight Quilting Fans?

Every quilt tells a story. "SEW", what's the greatest quilt you've ever read? This years shop hop attendees got to ponder that question as they visited the 14 shops on the list. Each shop was centered around works of literature. Among some of the books were "Anne of Green Gables", "Treasure Island", "Wizard of Oz" and if you were able to make it into the Corn Wagon you would find out soon enough that we were "Twilight". And look who was there to greet you when you came in, well I know it's Mary Ann and I think this dude with her is a guy named, Edward! Our shop entry was all decked out in black and red Twilight themed parahenellia. And there's Bella looking not so happy about the whole thing! The quilt in the background is a pattern from Crazy Old Ladies. She changed the name just for us to "Breaking Dawn". We put these into kits and they were gone by the first afternoon. There really are some Twilight fans out there, aren't there? Don't hold it againest me, but I don't know anything about these goings on from Adam(inside joke)!

Participants who visited all 14 shops, and got their "library cards" stamped, received a free charm pack of "Cherry Fizz" fabrics from Henry Glasss & Co., and will become eligible to win a variety of prizes. Each shop was asked to come up with a finishing project to use their charm packs. I can't wait to show you the Corn Wagons. I think your going to like it.

Each year the shops are to come up with their own Shop Hop quilt incorporating each others block. Once again Mary Ann has gone overboard. Her quilt is amazing, you just can't believe it. I wish all of you could see this work of art in person. She started with the pattern Hearts & Hands, then she shrunk it 70% and added the shop hop blocks, which are the small paper pieced medallions. Then she appliqued wool shapes on the alternating blocks, which gave it the vintage feel. She added a tiny piping to her binding. Mary Ann doesn't have a clue how many hours she has put into this quilt. It did take her 15 hours to quilt and that's not counting the hours marking it before hand. It's quite something.

One of our freguent quilt shop visitors, Mary Ann's grandson Lincoln. Isn't he adorable. He has the most beautiful long and lucious eyelashes I've ever seen on a baby boy before. Makes me jealous that I don't have them!

And of course games, Minute to Win It, Twilight edition.

Snapping more pictures.

Margene and Marianne with Edward. He got kind of freaky by the end of the day. Everytime I looked up I thought a real man was starring at me.

Mary Ann and Myself with Jacob. Jacob who?

And we mustn't forget about the refreshments. Come in for a "Bite"!

Apples, and cake bites.Red velvet cake bites that is.

The lady behind almost 2000 of these pretty little things is, Lynette. She's been one busy lady making sure these were freshly dipped everyday. What a women!

And remember Mel from last year, well he made it to the Twilight scene this year, and I caught him flirting with Bella. Shame on him!

Now what's on for next year. We will know tomorrow after Marsha has been to Shop Hop meeting. Yup, it takes a year to plan this annual event. And boy do we have fun with it all year long. If you want to see more of the shops involved visit


Yvonne said...

You really have the best job in the world! I woulk keep an eye on Stuart though if I wher you! That picture really made us laugh, you two are so funny!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Funny funny. I missed shop hop nearly 100% this year. After market I felt I shouldn't afford more fabric! But it has been fun to see a few local posts about it. Yours is the best.

wisteriagirl said...

I wish I could have been there. It looks like you were having a great time! I would love to know where you purchased the necklace you have it!

Shannon said...

Hi Wisteriagirl, there is a couple of girlfriends here in Spanish Fork that makes them. They do some really cute stuff. Send me your e-mail address and I will send you some info on them. I think they would ship to you. Are you the one that has commented on my jewelry before?