June 15, 2011

More of Quilt Walk

This picture is of the statue I was mentioning in my last post. I just wanted to point out the detail in the quilt. Although the whole statue is amazing, I especially liked the quilt. Here are some random shots of some of the quilts on display.

This is the quilt that was getting all the attention. And it should be. This quilt is simply amazing. It was pieced by Don Locke, DDS of Waxahachie, Texas. It's called The Supper. It has more than 51 thousand squares of one-half inch cotton fabric. It took him 2 1/2 years to complete. The quilt measures 183" x 67". This truly a work of art. It's more beautiful in real life. If you would like more info on the quilt go to He travels around sharing his talent. My good friend Dana from Lazy Daisy Cottage had a vendors booth and was also teaching classes. I just happened upon her and my new friends from Cedar City. Karen and Dorothy.

My Friday's bright and early class was My Favorite Bag. Treats and water for this class as well

Sara and Janet, first time bag makers. Naughty Janet was supposed to be in a quilt class but was a little quilted out from the first day. So between her and her sisters she was able to put a bag together. I had grommets and the pattern so off she went sewing on a bag. She is such a fun girl, I feel honored that she would want to come and sew with me another day.

Gloria and her bag. Gloria came in the Corn Wagon one afternoon that I was working. I asked if I could help her with anything and she held up a picture of a bag and she said she need the supplies to make it. I was taken back just a little because this was the bag I had submitted to the committee for quilt walk. I told her I sure would and I introduced myself as the teacher of that class. It was really fun helping her and getting to know her before hand.

I did it! Janet putting in her first grommet. I must have taught her something in class.

This is Julie and her almost finished bag. A new friend from the Ogden, Utah area. I've seen Julie at the Corn Wagon several times, but never knew her name and location she was coming from.

My favorite bag ladies and their cute, cute, bags. Left to right: Sara(St. George), Gloria(LaVerkin), Myself, Janet(Las Vegas), and Dee(Tucson).

Another awesome day of sewing comes to an end. I'm the luckiest lady in the world to have such great friends from all over, and to think we all met doing the same thing we love. Sewing!

And now were setting up home somewhere new. I wonder where were off too.
Boy, it's been a busy traveling few days. Here's a clue, shower time for Angie!


Jan Marie said...

I am so jealous of the ladies that got to take that class from you. Hope to see you next year.

Yvonne said...

True words from Jan Marie, I am a little 'green' too! You make them all feel so welcome with that cute table you arranged.

Curious where the White House on wheels went after leaving Panguitch.... Now that I watch Stuart standing under it I see how huge it is!