June 13, 2011

We're Jammin'!

Yummy, yummy! It's time for the homemade strawberry jam. Kaitlyn, Myself and little Teegan got together a couple of weeks ago to make our yearly supply. Wal Mart had strawberries on for $1.29 a box. What a great buy, twenty bucks for two flats. You can't beat that now can you. A few of the ingredients, plus lots and lots of sugar!

Teegan didn't like the noisey blender. This is the face he started with, a sad but cute one.By the time we were all done chopping the strawberries he was into a full blown fit. He hated it, what a screamer he can be! I have never seen him so sad, even the bouncer couldn't calm him down.

Kaitlyn is so proud of herself isn't she? And she has every right to be. It's a good feeling to know you can go to the freezer and pull out one of the jars of fresh jam. She just hopes it lasts a year. It's that good!I have used some of the same bottles year after year. There are some really, really unique jars that came from Stuart's house that he still remembers. Take for instance the bottle with the blue lid. This is an old marshmallow jar that came from his mothers, and year after year it gets filled with jam.

Now bring on the toast!

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Yvonne said...

Homemade prepared with love always taste the best. I hope Teegan stopped crying after the taste of the jam. How fast he is growing!