June 8, 2011

Spoiled Mom & Pop!

Jacob and Angie sure do know how to spoil us. For Mother's Day I received a card from Jacob telling me that my gift would be coming in a few days. He showed up with something in his truck. Let's go see what it is should we.Look at this face! Surprise, surprise. I wasn't expecting something quite so big! Wowser, a great gift. But really there was nothing wrong with my old one. It just didn't have many pegs left on the bottom rack and the ones that were left were all rusty. It ran like a charm as long as I added extra water to get the dishes clean and you had turn the t.v. remote volume up when it was washing. So maybe it was time. If you haven't guessed by now these funny kids got me or should I say us a dishwasher.

The card attached to the front said, Happy Mother's Day, Father's Day and Empty Nesters Day, which is coming up July 9th. What a nice thoughtful gift from some awesome kids. It's been Scherer delight having Angie living with us off and on for over two years. They told us it was just their way of saying thank you for letting them live here, rent free. The house will be awfully quiet when they leave.
Our son in law John, the plummer installed it for us. Thanks to him for doing so. It works like a charm.
Thanks Jacob and Angie, we love it.

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Yvonne said...

What a great gift Shannon! Your kids really know how to surprise you! Enjoy your last month with Jacob and Angie around!