October 26, 2011

Howdy Houston!

It seems that I am not going to get caught up from the last month, things just keep happening around here so fast that I can't keep up. So let's start fresh today and maybe, just maybe I can get to those other advents at a later date. As you can see in the picture above I have luggage in hand. I must be going on another adventure. Emily (Crazy Old Ladies) and I are on our way to Houston for the fall Quilt Market. Our airport shuttle man (aka Stuart) dropped us off and we would be soon in the air on our way. After a long flight with the most miserable lady sitting behind us we made it to the hot and humid town of Houston. Walking to pick up our rental car we could see the policeman patroling the streets. On horses, now wouldn't that be a fun job for a cowboy and there are lots of those here.We picked up the car and off we go for an exciting time exploring the city. Alabama, I thought we were in Texas!It was time for supper and we just happen to have several eating places right in the location we are staying. We decided to try Guadalajara's and we were not disappointed. The food was fabulous. I have a feeling we will be visiting again before our stay is over in a week. Other friends will be joining us during the week. It's going to be a blast having them all here. Let the party begin, or should I say quilting!


Yvonne said...

Ohh.. I recognize the dropping off spot at the airport! Stuart keeps busy driving to the airport.
Glad the both of you made it alright to Houston, have fun and we will be looking forward to all your adventures.

martine said...

lucky you to be in Houston now.
Enjoy the quiltshow and the shops.
Warm greetings.

Martha said...

I would have loved to see you in Houston. The quilt show is fantastic! I am not getting to go this year. I am flying to Hawaii on Monday. You have fun and show us lots of pictures.

Rennie said...

I wish I was there too. You lucky girls. Enjoy your trip and keep us informed.