October 27, 2011

Galveston, oh Galveston!

Day 2, good morning from these two Mary Sunshine's. We both were so tired from the first day's adventures that we slept in a tad. Emily showered and when she came out she said the tub/shower was not draining very fast. To make a long story short, we had to call housekeeping. Let's just say it was not looking good.The mess the maintence man left us in for about an hour. Finally he came back and said that he was able to get us a new room. Awesome, now we can get moving and on the road to Galveston. Emily's back to sleep already, just waiting for the fix it man!We took our time enjoying three quilt shops along our way. No worries or hurries today. A day to relax before the chaois of the next few days. Our first stop Sew Contempo. Bags, bags and more bags. This shop was full of them. They must have a Bag Lady just like me at their shop. This shop is the Bernina dealer in the area, but they had lots of quilts too.Our second shop was Pinwheels and Posie. A cute, cute shop. Lots of Batiks to choose from. I picked up some yardage to go with a Bali Pop I have in my stash. Now to find the perfect pattern.They had just finished their shop hop, Quilts Around Texas. This one in the front entry really had the western feel.Third and final stop Cactus Quilts. Check out the quilted cactus on the front window. This shop was very friendly.
And this little gadget is really dating me. How many of you remember the fabric shops measuring your yardage with one of these? My local shop had one of these years ago, oh the good old days. Lot's of memories of Christensen's in downtown Spanish Fork.

This is Bobbie, she was the nicest lady ever. She was such a happy person. She really did make our visit at this quilt shop a pleasant one. She was really interested in Emily and her new fabric line.

Back on the road to our destination. Wow, rows and rows of refineries.

We had fun visiting the beach, though it was hot and kind of muggy and little on the windy side. Just what was I thinking not packing a pair of flip flops. Guess I didn't think we would be hitting a beach.

Emily sure did have fun. She grew up by a coastal town so she just had to get her feet wet.

And on this little road trip I managed to get one quilt bound for Emily's booth. Sorry you can't see more of this cute fabric line of Em's. It's a surprise for market. But soon, I promise.

And back to Houston we go. This is the down town district where we are staying.

We picked up Michelle (Terri's daughter) and went to supper and to find Ikea for some last minute booth items. You can imagine the recation to these lovely trees we saw on the way. What the heck, it's Christmas in Houston. Come on now, Halloween isn't even here yet

Emily and Michelle wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

And to explain the cowboys above. My purchase at Cactus Quilts. Stuart told me before I left not to bring a Houston cowboy home, but I just had to have Horace, Jeb, Owen, Slim, Luke, Pole Cat, Hal, Hap and Tex! I just couldn't resist these cute boys. Sorry Stuart, I broke my promise!

We had a great day, now for the work ahead of us the next few days. See you from market.

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Yvonne said...

Wow Shannon, that looks like fun! I can only imagine what you are bringing home from Texas! I think Stuart won't mind you take this guys home!