October 28, 2011

Market Mayhem!

Emily (The Crazy Old Ladies) had her Michael Miller School house presentation this morning. Kathy Miller introduced her and the new fabric line Hall of Fame. She showed some of the quils made from it.

Emily did a great jub presenting. Give her those quilts and she can talk forever.

And the crowd went wid about the new collection. Stop by booth 1624 during market if you are here and check it and get it ordered, Probably the shipping date is March.

ONe of our home town shop ladies helped with showing the quilts off. Mary Ann is the manager at Corn Wagon Quilt shop in Springville. More friends are coming into today and tomorrow.

Just putting up the last little detail of the booth. Its looking like a locker room don't you think? Did you have it guessed this was going to be a sports line/ Wait til you see every piece in the collection.

And I'm still binding away. I had many tell me I looked like Betsy Ross stitchin a flag, or maybe I was just chillin in the sports chair.

We weren't going to hit sample spree this year but we did some thinking about it just went for it. The admission is half price if you wait an hour later to get in. I still managed to find "things" to buy.

Run, ladies, run. And when we left tonight the booth was complete finished and it looks awesome and sporty. Is there another award in the making this year?


Nanette Merrill said...

I didn't get to market this time. Thanks for the photos and remarks. Love seeing what went on.

Rennie said...

If I look atnthese pictures I still remember the AQS in Lancaster. I guess you have a wonderfull time overthere as well.