October 27, 2011

Time to get busy!

This is our home away from home. We are on our third day here and today we off to the convention center to start setting up Em's booth. She is located in 1624 right by the Michael Miller group. So let's go get busy should we?

The official welcoming sign on the conference center.

And the mayhem begins. It looks like we have a few more join the work crew. Scott and Becky also belong to Terri. She has great family support.

Not only is Emily a pattern and fabric designer, she a carpet layer. Any guesses yet what this new fabric line is all about. Check out her hand painted carpet, remind you of something sporty?

And all of this will be transformed into something spectacular. We started working with things and realized we needed a few more things.

Terry and Machelle taking a mother daughter time out! And then it was off to this place for the second time. Yup, I said that, a second time. It seems you go in for one item and you can plan to be there for days!!

A quick bite and a trip to the nearest Walmart then back to the room to stuff patterns and bind two more quilts. Aren't we the best team ever, everybody is a team player. (Hint, Hint)

Watch for more booth pictures and Emily's School house presentation in tomorrows post. My eyes are telling me to go to bed. And I think I'll do just that. We had another fun day in Houston. We keep running into lots of quilters we know, can't wait to get pictures with them all. Goodnight.


Rennie said...

What a lovely pictures and stories too. Your Christmas wishes did me laugh. Merry Christmas to all of you but overhere in the Netherlands we still have to got some automn! Enjoy your days, give all my love to your friends and please continue on your blog.

Yvonne said...

This looks like hard work! I hope it will be all forgotten when the fun starts and the people are coming in! Love to be a part of your trip a bit through your pictures and story!

Martha said...

I know you are having so much fun! I love Houston! The quilt festival is fantastic! I plan on being there next year. Looking forward to your pictures. I plan on visiting some quilt stores in Hawaii.