October 2, 2011

On the Road Day 1 & 2

After spending a week in Idaho and Wyoming, Yvonne and Alex made it to our house ready for more traveling. They really shouldn't have but they brought us more welcoming gifts. Beautiful tulips will be embracing the White house garden's this spring. Such lovely shades of pinks. This week I will plant them and think of them as I'm doing so. Yvonne had knitted this beautiful pink scarf. Rennie had made me picture cd of our trip together in March and Yvonne #2 had made me this dove pincushion. Don't I have talented freinds?
And we are off the next morning to sunny Lake Powell and St. George. So travel along with us. We did some amazing things over the next few days.

Our first stop on the road was the big rock candy mountain and explaining about the off road vehicle (ATV) trails along side the mountain.

On our way we also stopped in Panguitch to show and tell them about the statue of the quiltwalkers. They had seen pictures of this on my blog and were interested in stopping. A quick stop at the Pink Coral Sand Dunes on our way to Kanab.

We stopped for a quick sandwich and did a little shopping in the Wigwam. Neither Stuart or Alex could find the right hat!Either to big or to small. What funny men we are traveling with.We got all registered and got the trailer all set up and enjoyed the sun going down. Stuart fixed us a steak on the barbie with dutch oven potatoes. Yvonne and Alex thought he was fixing a roast, that's how big the steaks were.

After our food had settled it was time to get serious on building a fire so we could make s'mores. Something new to our friends.

And I think Yvonne enjoyed them very much. So yummy and oh so sticky!We had an early rise Monday morning and the sun was beautiful coming up over the rocks. Today we will be taking a boat over to Rainbow Bridge. A first for everyone on this trip.

A little chilly going out but the sun didn't disappoint us. The day was filled with lots of it and boy did it get hot at times.

We made it. And it's even prettier in real life and to think I saw it for the first time with people from the Netherlands made even better. This was the tour guides idea. And a fun one at that!

Yvonne had helped her friends Eric and Fred arrange a trip to Utah and some of the canyonlands and guess who was in the same area at the same time. Yup, the boys so we arranged a meeting time and had supper with them in Kanab that night. What are the chances of that happening again? We had a great time getting to know them, we laughed the night away and learned more about the people of the Netherlands. When it was time to say good bye the boys were curious about the truck and how it all works. It's man stuff every where I guess. They were in awe at what this big black thing can do.

Time to say good night here. Hope you are enjoying the journey so far. There's lots more to tell you about. Watch for day 3 & 4.

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Yvonne said... are catching up! And we are reliving it again! I remember the muscle pain we had after the night of laughing with the boys!