July 25, 2012

Annual Utah Quilt Show

If you live near the Springville Museum of Art you won't want to miss the 39th Annual Utah Quilt Show. It runs through August 29th. The Corn Wagon Quilt Co. is one of the major sponsors of this show. And while you are in the neighborhood stop in a say hello, we are just up the street. Our very own Ramona Sorensen pieced and quilted the beautiful quilt pictured below. We donate the Opportunity Quilt each year to help raise funds to go towards the awards at the show. The Utah County Quilt Guild held their annual quilt fair there also. Myself, Emily, Paris and Terry made an afternoon visiting the vendors and viewing all the quilts.
As usual there are some gorgeous quilts displayed. Such a wide variety of colors, patterns and techniques. Here are a few shots of some of the award winning quilts. Love the red, cream and blue sunbursts on this quilt.
This one is made from antique flour sacks. Pretty cute and clever. Should I be on the hunt?
Oh my, this one is made from men's silk ties. Over 200 of them belonging to a Mormon missionary, collected from his mission. It was amazing.
This quilt is an Awards of Excellence for the color/white & brights. It's called My Whimsical Quilt Garden. The quilter is LuAnn Carlson.
This is one of the Judges Choice Awards, this quilt belongs to Barbara Walsh. It's called Bali Wedding Star. Oh, I need to mention that we love seeing Barbara in the Corn Wagon, she's one of our favorites. Congrats, Barbara.

I love this photo. I walked around the corner and found mother and daughter discussing, I'm pretty sure the quilt that's in front of them. Without seeing faces I knew who they were. I had to have this special moment frozen in time. These two ladies are from Spanish Fork and are beautiful quilters. And not to mention they are relatives and long time family friends. They both make frequent stops at the Corn Wagon.
And the faces of these fine ladies. Karen Nelson Shepherd and her mom, Lenore Nelson. Lenore, with the help of her quilting bee friends hand quilted one of Kaitlyn's quilts before her wedding. That quilt will always have a special place in our hearts.
Myself, Terry, Emily and Paris had to stop and discuss the next part of the day. Which by the way would be lunch!
So ladies if you live near (or far) put this outing on your list of things to do before summer ends. It's well worth the drive. And let me suggest the Trolley for lunch.


Yvonne said...

Wow Shannon! Those quilts look amazing! I think they all need to be rewarded. Wish I could be there to see them!

Rennie said...

Yes indeed! It's true, Yvonne's writing. I wish I'm getting time enough to make only one of those.

Inge said...

What a beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed watching them.

Lida said...

Thanks for showing those wonderful quilts! Sorry that i cannot admire them myself, but I see a lot of great designs. Have a fantastic day, greetings

Ladybird Ln said...

Beautiful and amazing quilts... WOW! I just shared the finished 10 minute block quilt, I learned how to make on my blog!