July 23, 2012

Just a Get Away!

And it rained and rained and rained. This really makes for a lazy weekend in the Bear Lake area of this beautiful state we live in. Our first stop out of town was the Dairy Keen in Heber for something to eat. They are well known for their burgers and shakes. We opted out of the shake because we just knew we would get our share once we were at Bear Lake. They are known for their scrumptious raspberry shakes.
"She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes"! Kids as well as adults like this feature at this popular summer destination spot. We try to go there at least once a summer. They aren't open in the winter months so they were having Christmas in July and were featuring shakes with flavors such as Eggnog, Peppermint, etc. What a "COOL" idea.
We got set up just in time before another big one hit. The water just poured and poured.
Saturday afternoon the activities around the campground resumed. Here they are going for a tractor ride. The KOA had lots of fun stuff to do as families. We are going to try and get this on the calendar for everyone next year. The kids would have a ball there.

Sunday afternoon Jacob and Angie drove up to visit us. We barbecued hamburgers and had the first corn on the cob of the season.
We even shared lunch with the seagulls. They really love what everyone drops on the ground. Don't choke little bird! And he wasn't about to share it with anyone.
Later that afternoon we drove into town and picked us up one of those delicious shakes.
Worth every penny and pound!
Monday on our way home we stopped at the overlook of the Bear Lake valley. It was a pretty shot. After all the rain we had over the weekend it sure did make things pretty and green.

It's fun just to get away and enjoy the trailer life. And the company is always good too. Not one stitch was made this weekend. Can you believe it? I told you it was a lazy weekend.


Lida said...

Lovely lazy weekend! You both did enjoy it and the stitches always can wait! Hope the weather gets better like it is doing overhere! Greetings

Judith said...

lazy weekends are the best! We're having 2 1/2 weeks of laziness in the south of France! No rain, thank God! We have had so much of that stuff! Enjoying the sun and compnay!

Yvonne said...

Rain?? Are you kidding? It looks like Holland. No, not anymore, summer finally is here. Despite of the rain I can tell you had fun at Bear Lake. I see spots I know! and those you got me green of J..... (just kidding)

carina said...

We have had a lot of them. Grrrr. You have a nice trip
Besos carina

Rennie said...

No stitchin, no sun, rain..... What's going on overthere these days?