July 18, 2012

I have a problem,

a fabric problem that is. I think I need Quilt Therapy! I have been sorting through piles and piles of fabric this last week. It's getting better but it's still not done.
I re-organized my patterns and charm packs.
My jelly rolls and layer cakes are all in one place now.
And this was way to fun not to share it with you. I think they are talking about me, the quilter here at the White house! Photo courtesy of Glacier Quilts.
And if you think you need Quilt Therapy, we will save a spot on the couch for you at Quilt Festival this fall in Houston. The Drs. will be in!


Rennie said...

Oh my dear you are able to start your own private quiltshop.

Yvonne said...

I was thinking the same as Rennie! You can have a garage sale! So many fabrics! You will have to keep quilting till the age of 110!
I would like to attend a session of that Quilt Therapy, sounds like fun!

Lida said...

Wow, what a fantastic stash you have! It is so good organised!
Love the announcement and I think I am a quilter now!

carina said...

Ehhhh girls this is a fabricshop! A nice one.
It looked organised no problem at all. Groet carina

Else said...

Gone tell my doctor you solved it!! (lol) Wish you a great sesion in Housten. Hugs from Holland Else