December 9, 2012

Christmas at the White house!

 It's Christmas at the White house, finally!  I have taken way to many pictures of the holiday decorations to share all at one time, so I think I will feature a few from the family room upstairs today.  You will notice dolls and Santa's in almost every picture.  Made several years ago by me, they all have a special place in my heart and home.  Enjoy the show.
 The Santa pictured above was made by my kids back in 1991.  It's my all time favorite Christmas decortaion.  It's made from red dyed mop scraps leftover from mop doll Santa's that I had been making that year.  His beard is cotton balls and the whole background piece is type paper taped together.  It's the first thing up and the last of the decorations to be put away. 

 Jesus is the reason for the season.  One of the many nativities around the house. 
 Centerpiece on the coffee table. 
 Table and shelf decorated with snowmen and snowflakes.

 Hallway vingette. Love, love, love the picture of Jacob and Angie from last year.  Too cute not to use in the decorating.
 A re-arranged enterainment center this year.  Brings old things back to life again.  Like the twig tree in the back.  It hasn't been out of the closet for years and years.  I can't believe I still have that thing and the lights even worked that were still on it. 

 This year I chose not to do a tree in the family room so I used what I had and made a cute display of my collection of little quilts.  Adds a little coziness to this corner of the room, I think.
 And a little something in the kitchen to bring in some holiday happiness. 
Did you get enough for today?  It sure takes a little bit of time and effort to get this house whipped into shape for the holidays but in the end it's all worth it.  Whether it's new or old, it all holds memories deep inside of me.  It just wouldn't be Christmas if it wasn't all showcased one way or another.  See you soon with more of a White house Christmas.


Rennie said...

Oh Shannon it's never enough! All your pictures are so cute. It's a pitty it isn't Christmas anymore by the time we'll meet you! Anyway Christmas in our hearts will bring us together these days!

Lida said...

Oh I love your dolls, they all loke lovely and primtive and that is so nice and warm! Greetings

Noa said...

It' very nice greeting Noa

Yvonne said...

As always the White House looks stunning at Christmas season. It must be so much fun to unpack all those boxes with beautiful Christmas decorations and put it into place. You did such a great job!