December 31, 2012

Christmas Morning!

It's Christmas morning at the White house and kind of quiet.  The sounds of packages being ripped opened, laughing kids or should I say screaming kids that are so excited with the surprises Santa brought them is no longer happening here. Things are a bit different when you are empty nesters.  Stuart didn't disappoint me with his choice of gifts.  He always makes sure I have new jammies like the kids do on Christmas Eve.
One would think the box Stuart is opening is a bolt of fabric.  Maybe it's because this gift was done in secret at work, that means wrapping it there too.
And in that box, a new quilt.  Made especially for him in mind.
Something as a surprise when we opened our stockings.  A Christmas letter from Santa himself, what a fun thing we laughed about.  Oh Santa, your the greatest.
After we finished our gift exchange we headed to Kira and John's for breakfast.  The kids were wound up there.  We finally got to see our sick kids from Nephi.  Still not up to par, but were excited to open their gifts.

Thayne Man couldn't wait for summer to get here to play with his digger.  He wanted it outside so he could start moving the snow for his dad.  What a helper.  This will be one fun toy in the sand box this summer. 
The gifts are plenty, but the best part of Christmas time is the nap after all the excitement, especially

when it's under a new quilt. 


Rennie said...

It looks like you have such a wonderful Christmas time. We
wish you all the best for 2013. May our friendship be the highlight early Spring.

Yvonne said...

OMG what fun it must have been to unpack all those gifts especially with the grandkids! And you had a White Christmas too! It looks so pretty!

martine said...

All the best for 2013.
Greetings Martine