December 30, 2012

Christmas Treasures!

One of my favorite things to get out for Christmas is all of the Christmas books we have accumalated through the years.  The kids books are still among them.  As I was shopping one day in Wal Mart I came across two of the books we had in our basket.  The covers were slightly different as was the price!  Both books belonged to Kira, our oldest daughter, she would of been just over 2 months old when I bought her The Night Before Christmas and the Christmas Story.  This would start our collection in 1981, we have been collecting ever since.
That was 31 years ago and through the years the price has gone up.  Inflation, inflation, inflation! The price of Kira's books, 49 cents.  Todays price for the books I bought, $3.79.  Still pretty cheap for a children's book, I think.
This book belongs to Kira White so on Christmas Eve I gave her what belonged to her, her treasured and well loved Christmas books.


Yvonne said...

What a beautiful books! I love those Golden Books, I have them still from Kelly and I bought one for Rosa too recently! Never saw them here with a christmas story though. What a great tradition!

Rennie said...

What a lovely habit. Every year we red out of the same book so called 'Maria and the little donkey'. We start reading the first Advent Sunday and on Christmas' Eve the Child was born. Nowadays they always talk about the evenings we told them the story.