August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Marsha!

Never tell anyone you love Flamingo's 'cause it might just stick! These beautiful pink birds have been one of Marsha's(my boss and friend) favorites for a very long time. Not really! And boy has it stuck with her. So be careful what you say around the Corn Wagon. Years ago she was jokingly saying how much she loved them, so every year for her birthday the flamingos come out to celebrate her birthday. That's how we do the decorating at the store. Everything is centered around PINK! This year for her birthday I made her her very own flamingo carry all bag with some cute accessories. One of the other employee's had made her pj's out of the same fabric. Won't she be stylin' when she hits the quilt retreats? Everyone already knows her as the Flamingo Lady! Happy Birthday Marsha, hope your day was happy.

1 comment: said...

OMGosh! that is hilarious. And to think, I learned something NEW about Marsha on YOUR blog. ;o)