August 4, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Drive!

What kind of fun can you have on a hot, muggy Saturday afternoon? We decided to take the Mustang and go for an afternoon drive. We ended up in Salt Lake doing a little birthday shopping for our cute grandson Hatch. We stopped in at A.A. Callister one of the nicest western stores in the valley. They sell just about everything a cowboy would want and them some! We found what we had been looking for for quite sometime. And that would be a Gus cowboy hat just like Grandpa's. We hope he will be happy with his very first Stetson.
This is the young man shaping Hatch's hat to look like Stuart's. Pssssst, I hope you can keep a secret because Hatch's birthday isn't until Friday, August 7th!!

After finishing our shopping we headed a little more north and ended at the Pagoda for supper. This chinese resturant has been in business since 1946. My mom and dad used to visit there when they would go to the city. I remember going there a time or two with them and thinking what a special treat it was to come all the way to Salt Lake to have dinner. So after Stuart and I were married I introduced him to the Pagoda. It's been one our favorite places to visit ever since. We also have had our kids there several times. This quaint little place in located up in the avenues. They don't open for business until 5:00 p.m. They have taken some of the original dishes off the menu but there is still such a variety of entries to choose from. You should check this place out sometime when your in the city.

Our fortune cookies summed everything up just right for the day. Here's how they read:
Stuart's fortune: Today is a good day for being with a companion.
Shannon's fortune: A four-wheeled adventure will soon bring you happiness.

After dinner we decided to drive up through Emigration Canyon, over through East Canyon and down to Park City. Then from there we were on our way home. So as my fortune stated, my adventure was a happy one.

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