August 10, 2009

The winners are:

Thanks everyone for playing along with the quilt quessing contest. The comments were all so nice and they really do mean alot to me. Sorry I'm just a tad late posting the winners. I've been pre-occupied with a baby in the house. Now that's something I'm not used to! I'll post about that later. So here's how it ended up. The correct number of quilts was 20. I had 2 of you that were right on and 3 of you that were just one away. I can't just give 3 prizes out, all 5 of you will be getting a prize from me, how about that? Drum roll please, and the the winners are:
Melody 20
Megan 20
Andie 19
Sarah 19
Shanna 21
Please contact me through my e-mail address, ( so I can get your address. I hope to have them in the mail by the end of the week. Thanks again everyone for making this so much fun. Happy sewing, Shannon


Melody said...

Yay! What fun! Thank You!

Meg said...

Yeah!! I'm so excited for my prize! You are so cute Shannon. That was a fun post! How did the retreat go? I still want to come down and have you teach me something. I have a nice sewing machine I don't even know how to use except sew a straight line, which I don't even do that ever. I need to learn!! When is your next class?