October 20, 2010

Boutique Time...

Already! Didn't we just have the spring show? This is something I look forward to every year and I have done so for the past 13 years. I have worked 26 Hobble Creek Barn Boutiques in that 13 years. I miss working at Heritage Woodworks and most all the customers we see miss the store too. After the store closed 4 years ago Ellen struggled wether to keep the boutique going or not. Just like so many others I am so glad she decided to keep it going. This is the time of year we as past employee's can get together and have some fun, plus we get to see so many shoppers we don't get to see only but once a year, or maybe twice. I do see some of them from coming in the Corn Wagon for their quilting and stitching supplies. Don, Ellen and Karen just chillin before the opening. The weather this year was unbelievable. We have never had the warm weather like we did. We usually have the heater going to stay warm. This year we were struggling with trying to find an air conditioner. That's a first.
Karen's one lonely little spool of ribbon just wouldn't stay in it's boothe!

I wish this picture was a little clearer. Can you imagine wearing a ring this big? Now that's what I call some serious bling. It was pearls and chains all twisted up into a ring. There were lot's of boothes with jewelry this year and alot of it was big and bulky. Whatever floats your boat, but I probably won't be putting this on my Christmas list this year.
And oh, here is the bracelet to match. Really this thing was so big and heavy it just swung to one side. I told the cashiers that this thing would never sell and guess what? The following day I rang this same bracelet up for a customer. I hope she enjoys it!
Here are a few snapshots of some of the boothes this year.
There were all sorts of flower pins and hair bows to choose from. Flowers are so in right now. This boothe really had some great felt flowers and bows. I ended up buying a couple of them for my fall sweaters. I think it's time to get them out now, no more warmer days. Yeah!
Halloween decor by the crundles.
This boothe does really well on their vinyl. They have everything from blocks, tiles, and plaques.
This lady is super talented. She just happens to be one of my co-workers at the Corn Wagon. She does these amazing wool flowers cut out of ladies cashmere and wool sweaters after she has felted them. I already have a few of these, many, many colors of them. Marianne has been involved with the boutique as long as I have. She also sells Cookie Lee jewelry in her boothe.
And Katherine has the best array of jewelry and purses. She has been doing the boutique for about 6 years. She does very well. Katherine also does home parties and sells in a few boutique shops around the valley.
Ellen and myself outside the boutique. What a pleasure it is for me to be acquainted with such a wonderful person. I just wish we got to see each other more often.

Kaitlyn and McKinley stopped by on one of the days. Ellen let Miss M pick out her very own pumpkin to take home. What a great weekend or should I say 9 days. The fall show runs for 9 days and is usally held during the first week of October. Watch for the spring show if you missed this one. All the great stuff is offered then too. It runs the first weekend in May. Plan now to attend.

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Yvonne said...

Oh....I am getting gready just by looking at the pictures. A totally wrong place for me..... I can imagine why you are looking forward to each show!