October 27, 2010

Meet Petunia!

The girls met here on Friday morning to finish up our Petunia bags(I guess I should say they) that we started in St. George a couple of weeks ago. As you recall I posted about this project earlier. This bag is Petunia and she is the cutest thing ever. I have only had mine on my arm for a few short days now and the compliments just keep coming. You can find this pattern at Izzy and Ivy Designs. We are lucky enough to know these designers. They live right here in our area. Watch for some of their new stuff, as usual its amazing! Kaitlyn and Kira sporting Petunia. The bags look really cute out of anything, I think.
Kaitlyn's bag is made from Fandango from Kate Spain.

Kira's bag is made from Meadowsweet from Sandi Henderson.
And this is my bag, I also used Meadowsweet from Sandi. It's always fun to get together with these two doing a little sewing, even if I wasn't much help on this day. Thanks girls for sneaking my bag away and getting it finished for me, otherwise it probably would still be sitting on the sewing floor. I owe you big time.


Lori said...

Cute, Cute. I tried the link for Izzy and Ivie and it doesn't work for me.

Nedra said...

That is one cute bag!

Yvonne said...

They are all three so cute! Your girls are so sweet to finish up your bag. Just recently saw Kira's blog and all the bags she made! Awsome! she is a real bag lady too!

Steven and Ginger said...

Love these bags, they are way cute! I have ordered the pattern from the store close to me and can't wait til it arrives. All your fabrics are cute too. I want to make too many of them.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Like I said, I need to be more into ruffles! Love this.