October 27, 2010

Perscription for FUN!

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to teach two classes at Dave's Bernina Fall Retreat. On Thursday evening I taught the Spooky Treats quilt and Friday afternoon I taught a fun new bag. The staff at Dave's had made us the cutest sewing first aid kits. Everything from a new needle, just in case you broke one. It had treats, pencil and notebook and our presciption for having fun.

This is the Spooky Treats quilt that has been hanging at Dave's. I wonder why they hung it so high? Oh I know, they didn't want the treats to disappear.
Darlene and her quilt. I just love this lady. You wouldn't believe all the sewing she gets done. I have had her in several classes and she just keeps coming back for more. Aren't you sick of me Darlene? She just happens to be the wife of Dave and her two sons now run the stores. She is one sweet lady. I hope to see her in St. George.
Barbara and her cute, cute quilt. My students.
Another great customer of the Corn Wagon and one of the best employees at Dave's. Chris is so good with the customers and she knows so much about the machines.

A few snapshots of Fridays class. We had alot of fun doing this class. No one knew what the bag was going to look like. It was a mystery for them.
I am so glad everyone played along. They all did such a great job sewing their bags.

Way cute all of you. Am I going to see some of you in St. George next weekend? Check out the classes that are happening at the Red Rock Fall retreat, Nov. 4th - 6th. Everything is listed on their website Check them out and then come sew with me. We are making a bag on Thursday night and Friday morning is Christmas stocking. See you there.


Yvonne said...

Sometimes the strangest things happen to my laptop. Yesterday, the 29th your post wasn't shown but today....tada....there it was and you posted it on wednesday?!
It doesn't really make sence does it? but anyway I loved the pictures of your classes! I really hope you give one at Dave's or the CW next year in August! I am reading 'my favourite bag' pattern now we are starting making bags next thursday....finally!
Have a nice weekend, love you!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Sew cute! I have been thinking I need to use my ruffler more.

Martha said...

I visited Dave's for the first time last month. I will be back next time I am in Utah. I loved the Spooky Treat Quilt so much that I bought the pattern. I also picked up the Tidings panel I hadn't been able to find. So glad I found your blog.