October 20, 2010

A girl's weekend!

Kira, Kaitlyn, Karas, McKinley and myself headed to St. George for an all girl's weekend. We would be meeting up with my sisters and their girl's and their girl's. In total there were 16 of us going. The girl's and I left on Thursday afternoon so we could make it to our early morning bag class at Dave's Bernina on Friday morning. The last time I was there I signed us up for the cutest bag called Petunia. The timing couldn't of been better for scheduling a class in. What a great way to start the day. Karas and McKinley came in my room to make sure I was up. These two little ones don't know how to sleep in, but then again we couldn't on this morning.
We got the girl's ready and fed them breakfast and it was off to a babysitter. One of Kira's Stampin' Up friends offered to watch the girl's while we went off sewing. How nice of her to do that. Thanks Wendy, we owe you big time.Let the sewing begin. Kira and Kaitlyn both have nice Bernina's to sew on. Aren't they lucky? I am so glad that both of them like to sew. We have alot of fun getting together, which isn't often enough.
Here we are with Jana or Lola as she is called from time to time. We are showing off our Petunia bags. We didn't quite get finished but you can get a glimpse of what it looks like. Jana is a designer for Izzy and Ivy Designs which is located right here in our area. I guess you could call Salem our area. This company designs darling kids clothes, bags, hats, etc. Check out both of these blogs for some great inspiration.

Later Friday evening everyone else started to arrive. Me and my girls made supper for all of us. We fixed taco soup, green salad, chips and salsa. And everyone brought some kind of treat out of mom's recipe collection. There was everything from caramel corn, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, rice chex mix and puffed rice balls. We weren't going to go away hungary this weekend. I think yummy treats are all a favorite of ours. You can tell we are all Thomas'.
My sister's Collette and Jan. My two neices, Lindsay who belongs to Collette and Karissa who belongs to my other sister, Tamara.
Even the little one's were invited to the get away. Here's my great neice Maddie and my two little crazy's, McKinley and Karas. So well behaved, sometimes!
Belly up to the bar! Now that is funny, we had two cute pregnant girl's at the party. Kaitlyn and Alayna are both due in December. Both are having boys.
We had no longer finished supper and Collette was already preparing breakfast for the next morning. I told you we weren't going to go away hungary.
What's this? A guy at the girl's weekend. I don't think so! Colby stopped by to pick up his two girl's after supper. Colby belongs to Collette and happens to live in St. George. It was fun seeing them again even if it was for such a short time.
Let's eat, again!
Saturday morning we welcomed Annette(my sister-inlaw) and her girl's Amber and Shanna.
Annette brought us yummy cinnamon, raspberry and orange rolls from Shirley's. Oh my, just the right thing to go along with our breakfast casserole Collette fixed the night before.

Amber and Shanna, showing off pictures of their kids.

After breakfast and visiting a bit, we all headed out to do our own thing. Most all of us hit some kind of store or another. We really didn't do alot of shopping this trip. It was just fun hanging out and getting caught up with everyone.
Oh no,
what should we do about this? Can you tell just how high these ceilings are? The little ones were a little bit curious of just how we were going to get this balloon down out of the fan. Watch and you will see.
Tadah, Kira and Alayna to the rescue. Thank heaven's great grandpa had a ladder in the garage.
For Saturday nights supper we all met at Iggy's. Front to back we have, Amber, Annette, Shanna, Lindsay and Quincey. From back to front we have Collette, Maddie, Alayna, Tamara and Karissa.
And at this table we have McKinley, Kaitlyn, Karas, Kira and Aunt Jan.

Back at the house for some pictures.
Isn't she cute? I think so.

Say cheese! We were trying to get McKinley to pose so we could show off her new boots. We couldn't stop laughing she was trying so hard.
And this, isn't it the cutest thing ever? This is something you don't see Karas doing very often. I snapped this picture at just the right time. I love it and it will bring back fond memories of all the fun we had on this weekend.
The Thomas four. Shannon, Jan, Collette and Tamara. We're missing someone, Mom. She would have had fun with such crazy girl's, granddaughters and great granddaughter's. We are so thankful for such loving parents that have given us a wonderful home to have such great get aways and making memories that will last forever.
Three silly sister's in St. George.
Later Saturday evening Kira brought us some of her Stampin' Up supplies to make charm necklaces. We all commented about having craft night in years past when we used to get together on deer hunt weekend. Oh we did some unique stuff way back then. Remember sponged painted sweatshirts, button collared sweatshirts, beaded fabric necklaces and the list could go on. We laughed about all of the above mentioned. Times have certainly changed.
The Stampin' Up demostrator giving directions.

Everyone was so involved. Intense stamping!
They all had a good time creating their charms.
Even Maddie had fun.
Here are a couple of examples of the templates that go in the glass saudered charms. "T" is for Tamara.
Love the black and red.
Great Aunt Collete entertaining the kids on her new play toy, her Ipad. She had downloaded some games for the kids on it.
McKinley doing a little relaxin before the long trip home.
Home again, home again jiggety jog! Boy were these girl's really testing us on the travel home. We finally had to seperate the two little one's in the back.
Karas playing the waving game. I told her to wave at every car that passed us. That lasted about a second, or maybe two.
Finally she's asleep. Peace and quiet at last. Maybe!
Not now, I'm driving!
Let's say cheese for the camera, Karas!
What a great weekend, but there's no place like home.
Give me a little time to rest up and we can do it again.


Yvonne said...

What a joy to read this post on your blog and all the great pictures you took. You are blesse with such a great family! Karas and McKinley are both so cute! Every time they seem a little bigger. The part about missing your mom made me cry, I miss my mom often too. Thanks again for sharing this special time!

Lindsay said...

We had such a great time! I loved being able to just catch up and laugh about so many memories! We definitely come from good stock, don't you think? Like Quincy said, "It was the best girls' weekend EVER!" Next time, let's not let so many years get between our time together. Thanks again.

JanTSouthwick said...

I agree with Lindsay and Quincy. It was the best girls weekend ever and we better not wait so long to do it again. I have to say I love my 3 sisters and we have fun when it's just us, but adding the daughters and granddaughters brought a whole new chapter of funny stories to tell and having them all there made it even more special!
And THANK YOU Shannon and girls for all you did to make it a memory I will treasure forever.

JanTSouthwick said...

Oh, and seeing the pictures of McKinley posing made me laugh out loud all over again almost causing the same situation I was in that day (the one only me and Kira will ever share). Thanks for posting these and making me laugh again.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

This is just tooo much fun! Loved the pictures. Jana is amazing. I adore her.