October 27, 2010

These boots...

are meant for quilting. Myself and Marsha(my boss)took it upon ourselves to learn the trick of machine embroidery applique. Dav'es Bernina in Provo was having their fall retreat so we decided it was time to pull the module's out of their boxes. Only I didn't know she was taking the class and visa versa. What a surprise for both of us when we both showed up at the class. I have had my 730 for two years now and haven't learned to use it. I had the 180 embroidery module and I just about wore it out. So I don't know what was stopping me from doing it with the 730. It's not to late to teach an old dog a new trick is it? I know the cowboy boots played a big role in to getting me in the class. These boots are so much fun to make. I might just like this thing called embroidering again. Can the rest be as easy as this first step?
The machine does everything for you but cutting around the part that is being appliqued. I think I can do this.

First boot finished and not looking to bad.
Maxine put both Marsha and I at the head of the class so she could keep an eye on her two troubled students. Oh we weren't that bad were we Maxine? We maybe laughed alot but we were serious when it was time to get down to business.
This is Maxine, the teacher. She is in front of her quilt she made from the boot designs. This is a Lunch Box Quilt and I first saw it at spring market and I remember thinking to myself that that quilt is so much work I will never do that. Never say never I guess, so when I saw that it was on the class list I thought to myself maybe I can do this.
Marsha and myself celebrating our first boot! We both finished two boots at class. Yahoo!


Yvonne said...

How funny that you took the class with Marsha without knowing! You know I love that quilt you are making! You are bringing me on another idea for a quilt. When will I ever find time....
Love the aqua blue and brown in the boot!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!! Sometimes sewing machines are so intimidating. The cute little BYU Booties were purchased at the Flag Store that is on University Ave in Provo around 200 or 300 North on the East side of the road. That store has a ton of stuff and the booties I think were about $6. I think they have little blue ones too. How fun!! Dondy